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Junior Varsity/Club Tennis

The NNM Junior Varsity/Club Tennis League is a program conducted by USTA NNM for non-varsity players at the high school level. These players will represent their schools during the high school tennis season. These players must be #9 or below on their high school teams (this rule does not apply to APS - see APS Specific Rules below). The general program guidlines are listed below. Questions about the program can be emailed to ramnath@southwest.usta.com. The current program materials can be printed from the following links:

For the Current Program Rules, click here.
For the Current Program Scoresheet format 4 Singles and 2 Doubles, click here.
For the Current Program Scoresheet format 6 Singles and 3 Doubles, click here.
For the "Code of Conduct", click here. 
For APS Volunteers, go to this link: http://www.aps.edu/volunteer-with-aps.
For APS Specific JV Tennis Club Requirements, click here.
For APS draft letter to parents, click here.
For APS draft bylaws, click here.
For the Free and Required Concussion Course, go to:  http://nfhslearn.com/courses/61037/concussion-in-sports
2020 Season was cancelled as of March 13th.  JV was a USTA run league and therefore must follow USTA Policy on suspensions due to the Coronavirus.
Format (Boys’ and Girls’ Teams):
  • Coaches may choose either the division that plays 4 Singles and 2 Doubles during the league season or the division that plays 6 Singles and 3 Doubles. NOTE:  THE TOURNAMENT TEAMS WILL ONLY PLAY 4 SINGLES AND 2 DOUBLES.
  • 6-Game Pro Set, No-Ad Scoring, tiebreak at 6-6. If there is a tie, go to # of games, then go to a match tiebreak between the number one doubles teams.
  • Practice schedule will be set by the coach - one minimum per week.
  • Match schedule to be provided on-line once school signups are complete. Matches will be scheduled on Wednesdays and will start in early March.
  • End of Season Tournament will be run by USTA NNMTA.  Matches willl be played on a  Saturday and Sunday, (Tournament date TBD for 2020) at the Jerry Cline Tennis Center, the Albuquerque Academy, and other sites as needed.
Criteria and Team Rosters:   NOTE. This is not an official NMAA or APS Athletics Program.
  • To be eligible, all players must complete a physical if required by their schools.
  • Seniors and 8th grade students may play if permitted by their schools. These players must be in attendance at that school.
  • All coaches must meet their school’s requirements which may include a background check and/or Risk Management Workshop.
  • NOTE: ALL USTA VOLUNTEER COACHES must take the NMAA on-line Concussion Course available. Parents and students must sign the NMAA Fact Sheet and Informed Consent Form). The course link is provided above.  There is no charge for the course.
  • USTA Coach Background Checks:  All coaches and any helpers over 18 on the court with the team need to complete the USTA SafePlay and NCSI Background checks. 
  • Contact Cee Ann Vaughan if you are having troubles entering scores at nnmtajtt@gmail.com.
  • Additions to a JV/Club Team roster can be made throughout the season. However players must have played a minimum of two team matches to participate in the year-end tournament. Schools not participating in the full season can participate in the tournament as long as teams and players have played a minimum of 2 team matches. Records must be provided to nnmtajtt@gmail.com.
League Fees
  • Coaches may set the fees necessary to cover the program fees and the cost of uniforms, balls, etc. Used balls and loaner racquets are available for teams. Uniforms are not required. USTA NNMTA does not get involved with individual team administration except for the required # of matches and the requirements set out above with regard to eligibility and registration.
  • USTA NNM Fees are $20/player, payable through TennisLink, the USTA’s online registration system. Fees for teams outside the Albuquerque Metro area may be reduced depending on scheduling. Fees cover:
    • Registration for the League Season
    • Liability Insurance for the program and coaches
    • End-of-Season Tournament with awards
Coaching Stipends
A stipend is offered to the JV Organizer/Coach (2 per school - 1 for a boys’ team and 1 for a girls’ team) through USTA NNMTA and the NM Youth Tennis Foundation. Coaches must carry a minimum of 6 players on their team the entire year to qualify for the stipend. The stipend will vary depending on the number of participants a program has. Coaches must be playing and practicing the entire 8 week season or more to be eligible for the full stipend.  Teams must attend the year end tournament.  Forms will be provided to participating coaches at the end of the season. Coaches paid by their schools are not eligible for this stipend.
2019 Spring High School JV/Club Tournament Results - Click Here