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Jr. Team Tennis

Imagine playing tennis everyday with your best friends. Meet at the club, the school, or the park. Mix around and play some singles, doubles, and mixed. That's what Northern New Mexico offers during the summer with Junior Team Tennis.

Junior Team Tennis is a competitive league that runs throughout the summer.  Clubs, schools, and program providers start forming teams and registering players in early May. Teams schedule their own practices. USTA Southwest NNM will schedule the match play and run 2 tournaments this summer before an invitational Sectional event in September. The divisions include:  12U (green ball), 14U & 18U Intermediate; and 18U Advanced.   


  • A USTA Junior Membership is required to play (but good news is, junior members is now FREE). Click here to get a new membership number: https://www.usta.com/en/home/membership/individual-memberships/juniormembership.html
  • 14s-18s Match format will include a boys singles, girls singles, boys doubles, girls doubles, and one mixed doubles to be played immediately after
  • 12s Match format will be 4 gender neutral singles and 2 gender neutral doubles
  • $20/player for the entire summer season. 
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  • Must be Safeplay & NCSI Approved
  • Any combination of summer play is allowed in 2021:  Weekly League Play, July 23-24 Tournament Play and/or Aug 28-29 Tournament Play
  • September 17-19 will be the Invitational Sectional Tournament in Albuquerque at Jerry Cline
  • Match scores will be reported to Cee Ann via email at the end of each match
  • Nationals for 2021 have been cancelled
  • All current NM Public Health Guidelines must be adhered to
  • 12s Score Card:  Click here.
  • 18s Score Card:   Click here.
  • Current 10U Score Card: Click here.

Coach Deadlines for Tournament Play:

  • Friday, July 16th - let us know what teams will participate in July 23 (10U) July 24/25 NNM Tournament
  • Friday, Aug 20th - let us know what teams will participate in Aug 27 (10U) Aug 28/29 NNM Tournament
  • Monday, Aug 30th - let us know if your team will participate in the Sept 18-19 Sectional Tournament
Rules and Regulations: 
NNM Rules and Regulations, click here.
For the Southwest Section Rules and Regulations, click here.
For the National Rules and Regulations, click here.
For the National Background Check Website, click here.
The NNM JTT District League Coordinator (DLC) is Cee Ann Vaughan.  Cee Ann can be reached at nnmtajtt@gmail.com.  Also, Tennis Service Rep, Colleen Ramnath, can answer questions as well.  Just email her at ramnath@southwest.usta.com
Contact either Cee Ann or Colleen for help finding a team to play on. 
18s Advanced:  Tanoan 1st Place & TCA 2nd (3-2, 26-16)
18s Intermediate: Tanoan 1st & Lobo 2nd (6-0) / Bosque 3rd & Manzano 4th (5-1)
14s Intermediate: Lobo 1st & Tanoan (Cramer) 2nd (5-1) / Tanoan (Robert) 3rd & First Serve 4th (3-3 27-25)
12s:  First Serve 1st & ACC 2nd (4-2) / Lobo 3rd & TCA 4th (6-0)
14U Yellow