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The USTA Northern New Mexico Tennis Association’s Fall Mid-School Tennis League started in 1996 by direction of the Board and through the vision and guidance of Sue Jollensten. The league is designed for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  The league is an after school tennis program that provides every middle school player that tries out a chance to engage in a healthy after school activity, learning what is truly a sport for a lifetime, and an opportunity to represent and identify with their schools. The program emphasizes participation, sportsmanship, adherence to the rules, and team spirit.
Public and private middle schools are organized into a six-week league season culminating in an End-of-Season Tournament in which all players are invited to participate. The league attracts upwards to 700 students playing on nearly 40 teams each year. Teams range in size from 6 to 60 students - many of whom would never have had a chance to learn and play tennis had it not been for this program and our dedicated volunteer coaches. The program is financially supported by the USTA NNMTA, the New Mexico Youth Tennis Foundation, and has been supported for the past 20 years by the USTA ColemanVision Championships, a USTA Women’s $80,000 Pro Circuit Event.
The City of Albuquerque is co-sponsor to the event each year, donating over 20 public court facilities to the program.  Private school partners such as the Albuquerque Academy and Bosque School also donate their courts for use.  Teams as far away as Taos, Los Alamos, Belen, Las Cruces, and Las Vegas have participated in the year-end championships.  
Because of the large numbers of middle school players going on to play high school tennis, USTA NNMTA has organized a junior varsity/club league for these players. For more information on the Junior Varsity/Club Program, go to the pulldown menu on the left navigation bar.
Schools Needing Coaches for 2020:  Please contact nnmtaprograms@gmail.com if you'd like to be a mid school coach
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Click Below for 2019 Tournament Flight Results  & Click Here for the Tournament Article
2019 Program Materials:   
For the August 20th Tuesday Evening, Middle School Meeting AGENDA, click here.
For the current Middle School League Rules, click here.
For the Team Player Roster Excel Sheet, click here.
For Tournament Rules, click here.  These will be posted later in the season.
For CODE OF CONDUCT/Rules of the Game and Helpful Hints, click here.
For a Sportsmanship Contract, click here.
For EQUIPMENT GRANT info click here.
Background Check Requirements for Coaches:
For brand new coaches, go to netgeneration.usta.com and sign up as a provider, as a mid school coach (using your usta log in details) - it will then walk you through SafePlay/SafeSport/NCSI
For recurring coaches - please check your background check status by going to:
For APS Volunteers, go to this link: http://www.aps.edu/volunteer-with-aps.
For APS Field Trip Permission Form, click here.
For APS Private Vehicle Use, click here and use this form.
For the USTA Net Generation/Safe Play Background Check Website
For the current Middle School Full Format Division Scoresheet, click here.
For the current Middle School Co-ed Division Scoresheet, click here.
For a court reservation sign, click here.  Edit for approved court dates and times.
For an example sign up sheet, click here.  Edit for your school and contact information.
For a Certificate of Participation, click here.  Edit for the school and year.
If you would like to introduce a new school to the Middle School League or help with an existing program, contact Colleen Ramnath at nnmtaprograms@gmail.com to get started.