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High School JV/Club 2019 Tournament Results

February 14, 2019 11:09 AM


Twenty-seven teams from Northern New Mexico competed this past weekend in the 2019 Spring High School JV/Club Tournament Event at the Albuquerque Academy and the Jerry Cline Tennis Center. USTA NNMTA partners every year with the City of Albuquerque to present the league and tournament event.  This year nearly 250 players participated from 12 of the metro area schools on both boys’ and girls’ teams.  The season started the end of February and ended with our tournament the weekend of April 6-7th.  The weather was warm and sunny as players proudly played for their schools – and we managed to avoid the typical crazy wind that Spring in ABQ often brings. Sue Jollensten, Colleen Ramnath, Nick Romero and Brandon Mutz (UNM Club Team President) ran the event along with the help of coaches, parents and volunteers.  Lanyards and team medals went to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Consolation winners also walked away with a prize – a new can of balls. Matches consisted of 4 singles and 2 doubles matches with the number of games won being used to break any ties.  There was a Flight 1 and Flight 2 in both the boys and girls draws.

La Cueva and Academy both showed their depth. La Cueva entered 3 boys teams between both flights and Academy had 3 girls teams entered. 
Albuquerque Academy’s #2 and #3 girls teams played eachother in the finals in the FLight 2 main draw, with their #2 team  winning 4-2. 
La Cueva's #1 girls team won their Flight 1 main draw final against Abq Academy's #1 team, 4-2 and LC's #2 team won the Flight 2 consolation final against Cibola. 
Rio Rancho girls won a close match against St. Pius in the Flight 1 consolation final.  
Abq Academy had teams win both the boys Flight 1 and Flight 2 main draws. While Bosque and Volcano Vista boys won their respective consolation finals. 

Following are the results from the weekend.  Click on the name of the flight to see the draw results. La_CuevaAcademy

Boys Flight 1 Main Draw Finals:  
Alb Academy 1 def La Cueva 1  6-0

Andrew Wolz AA1 def Wesley Dong LC1  6-3
Carter Elias AA1 def Alazar LC1  6-3
Joel Brismar AA1 def Zach Pirkl LC1  6-3
John Dominquez-Trujillo AA1 def Jochin Calhoun LC1  6-2
Ryan Yassin/Luke Jenkosky AA1 def Wesley Dong/Alazar LC1  6-4
John Dominquez-Trujillo/Diego Gonzales AA1 def Zack Pirkl/Ryan LC1 6-2

Boys Flight 1 Consolation Finals:
Volcano Vista def Sandia Prep  6-0

David Anderson VV def Kyle Mann SP  7-5
Karl Wolflvy VV def Adam Friedman SP  6-3
David Vhyo VV def Jeffery Lewis SP  6-4
Joseph Driss VV def Elias Arredondo SP  6-2 La_Cueva_ErinAcademy2nd
David Anderson/Karl Wolflvy VV def Jeffery Lewis/Adam Friedman SP  6-2
Joseph Kriss/Estaban Anderson VV def Kyle Mann/Noah Peterson SP  6-0

Boys Flight 2 Main Draw Finals:
Alb Academy 2 def La Cueva 3  5-1

Kellen Gehres AA2 def Rahul Chalamala LC3 6-0
Nathan Good AA2 def Max Martin LC3 6-1
Tim Martin LC3 def Aaron Good AA2 7-6 (9-7)Bosque
Beck Wilson-Scott AA2 def Justin Baughman LC3 6-1
Phillipe Bakhirev/Nick AA2 def Starfek/Borowski LC3 6-2
Nick Mohoric/Nathan Good AA2 def Alex Thiel-Hadjjlambrinos/Partner LC3  6-1

Boys Flight 2 Consolation Finals:
Bosque def Volcano Vista  5-1

Jenzin Wong Bosq def Joe Noviki VV  6-4
Miles Bellmore Bosq def Logera Coromina VV  6-1
Carter Grikson Bosq def Tyler Nord VV  7-5
Ethan Hall Bosq def Sean Alvarez VV  6-2
Joe Noviki/Tyler Nord VV def Cody Hirstead/Connor White Bosq   
Aidan Brennan/Kobe Holmes Bosq def Logan Coromina/Jude Waring VV  6-3

Girls Flight 1 Main Draw Finals:LaCuevagirls
La Cueva 1 def Abq Academy 1  4-2

Valeria Germanova AA1 def Simran Bharawaj LC  6-1
Lauren Apodaca LC def Gabby Nemer AA1  6-2
Katherin VonKester AA1 def Alyssa Yoon LC1  7-5
Emily Relyea LC1 def Lynn Zhang AA1  6-3
Lauren Apodaca/Emiy Relyea LC1 def Valerie Germanova/Katherine VonKester AA1  6-1
Simran Bharawaj/Alyssa Yoon LC1 def Alisha Bhatt/Smaan Hashan AA1 6-3

Girls Flight 1 Consolation Finals:
Rio Rancho def St. Pius 4-2

Brianna Valdez RR def Vanessa Vazquez SP  6-3
Nora Hennessey SP def Kathavina Filous RR  6-3
Amanda Garcia SP def Kathe Covey RR  6-2
Jessica Otiz RR def Gabby Gomez SP  6-2
Brianna Valdez/Katharina Filous RR def Vanessa Vazquez/Nora Hennessey SP  6-1
Katie Covey/Autumn Myerscough RR def Amanda Garcia/Gabby Gomez SP  6-1

Girls Flight 2 Main Draw Finals:
Abq Academy 2 def Abq Academy 3  4-2IMG_0893

Ashley Jong AA3 def Elizabeth Brown AA2 6-4
Anita Marks AA2 def Amy Zhang AA3  6-1
Penny Benak AA2 def Kenna Fleig AA3  6-3
Jadyn Markman AA2 def Sumrat Charha AA3  6-2
Ashley Jong/Amy Zhang AA3 def Elizabeth Brown/Anita Marks AA2  6-3
Penny Benak/Jadyn Markman AA2 def Kenna Fleig/Sumrat Charha AA3  6-3

Girls Flight 2 Consolation Finals:
La Cueva 2 def Cibola  4-2

Ruby Godsey LC def Thanh Nguyen Manz 7-5
Emily Field LC def Natalie L. Manz 6-3
Klarissa Klinger LC def Lauren S. Manz 6-0
Maria Fetecua LC def Dee Anna Lugo Manz 6-0
Thahn Nguyen/Natalie L def Rachel Leckbee/Brynn Ayala LC  6-2
Destiny Lynch/Lauren Santiago Manz def Bea D. LC  6-3



Other photos from the weekend tournament.