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NNM JV/Club League Finishes Strong

April 16, 2017 11:42 AM

Thirty-one teams from Northern New Mexico competed this weekend in the Spring High School JV/Club Tournament Event at the Albuqueque Academy and Jerry Cline Tennis Centers. USTA NNMTA partners every year with the City of Albuquerque to present the league and tournament event.  This year 240 players participated from 13 of the metro area schools on both boys and girls teams.  The season started the first week of March and ended over Easter weekend.  The weather was warm and sunny with a light breeze as players served and returned winners.  Sue Jollensten, Becky Lee, and Cee Ann Vaughan moved the event along with the help of coaches and parents.  Plaques and prizes went to the winning teams. Here are the results from the weekend:


Home School Girls Pictured Right and La Cueva Girls Pictured Right and Below.
Albuquerque Home School Association1 (AHSA) def La Cueva1  6-0
Jaiden Banning AHSA def Ciera Jones LC 6-4
Taylor Stearley AHSA def Aly Swartz LC 6-1
Heidi Weiss AHSA def Lily Rodriguez LC 6-2
Jessica Canada AHSA def Lauren Chang LC 6-2
Banning/Stearley AHSA def CJones/Swartz LC 6-3
Weiss/Canada AHSA def BJones/Alexis Yoon LC 6-1
GIRLS FLIGHT 1 Consolation
Eldorado1 def Bosque 5-1
Madele Little E def Lucky Hustead B 6-1
Jordan Webb E def Sierra Kosel B 6-1
Madelene Gover E def Kathleen Walz B 6-1
Xea Otero Symphony E Def Meliandra Moffat B 6-4
Hustead/Kosel B def Glover/Webb E 6-4
Little/Symphony E def Walz/Moffat B 6-1
Albuqueque Home School Association2 (AHSA) def La Cueva2 6-0
Isabella Chinn AHSA def Mae-Ling Kao LC 7-6 (8-6)
Addison Bradley AHSA def Hannah Weidner LC 6-0
Victoria Chinn AHSA def Hannah Medina LC 6-2
Olivia Canada AHSA def Daisy Mee LC 6-3
Chinn/Chinn AHSA def Kao/Weidner LC 6-1
Delia Pierce/Abigail Baird AHSA def Medina/Kaylee Brown LC 6-3
GIRLS FLIGHT 2 Consolation
Albuquerque Academy2 def Eldorado2 6-0
Elizabeth Brown AA def Madison Segotta E 6-1
Aalisha Bhatt AA def Tess Tovey E 6-1
Iman Husham AA def Isabella Stock E 6-0
Amy Zhang AA def Amnity Montoya E 6-1
Rebecca Collins/Jayden Markman AA def Segotta/Tovey E 6-2
Penny Benau/Kenna Fleig A def Montoya/Ashley Towndress E 6-3
Albuquerque Academy Boys Pictured Right.
Albuquerque Academy1 def. Albuqueque Home School Association1 (AHSA) 5-1 
Mitch Bauer AA def Toby Goldstein AHSA 6-4
Curtis McNary AA def Jonathan Ward AHSA 6-2
Jack David AA def Simeon Weiss AHSA 6-0
Jordan Melendez AA def Ethan Ward AHSA 6-0
David/Gage Fox AA def Goldstein/JWard AHSA 6-2
Luke Jenkosky/Ryan Yassin AA def Weiss/EWard AHSA 6-3
BOYS FLIGHT 1 Consolation
Cleveland def Volcano Vista 4-2
Will Gebhardt CL def Sam Poini VV 6-0
Taylor Keck CL def Kam Glover VV 7-5
Davyn PM VV def Hagg Seyal CL 6-2
Trejan La Cour CL def David Anderson VV 6-1
Gebhardt/Randy Carillo CL def Poini/Glover VV 6-2
Bradley Anderson/Anthony Sharma VV defAiden Moreno/Lucas Loe CL 7-5
Albuquerque Academy2 def La Cueva2 6-0
Andrew Wolz AA def Jack Martin LC 6-4
Diego Gonzales AA def Max Martin LC 6-1
Cameron Savage AA def Ben Allbright LC 6-0
Roger Wilder AA def Bobby Chiu LC 6-3
Kai Seidenberg/Gonzales AA def Martin/David Ruddell LC 6-1
Alex Lanthiez/John Domingue-Trujillo AA def Daniel Ruddell/Rafael Reyes LC 6-1
BOYS FLIGHT 2 Consolation
Bosque Boys Pictured Right.
Bosque2 def Highland2 4-2
Carlos Orozco H def Sebastian Sage B 7-5
Tyler Tabo B def Marco Flores H 6-2
Kobe Holmes B def Briceon Sitton H 6-2
Ryan Martinez H def Talis Frouge B 6-4
Ethan Hall/Holmes B def Orozco/David Murillo H 7-6
Silas Landon/Sage B def Jesus Cabrales/Erik Cruz H 6-4