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Summer Travel Teams Chosen

Hedderig Team
USTA Southwest summer travel teams and coaches for USTA Intersectionals, USTA Zone Team Championships and USTA National Team Championships were announced in late June.

These travel teams gave top Southwest juniors the opportunity to compete as a team against top-flight players from other USTA Sections during various competitions throughout July and early August.
Teams were chosen based on current Section rankings after the Southwest Junior Closed and player availability. Rosters are listed below.
Boys/Girls 16s – Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club – Shreveport, La. (July 11-15)
Roster: Nicolas Montoya, Alex Lawson, Nolan Bauer, Jason Jaruvang; Zaina Sufi, Courtney Amos, Rachana Bhat, Stephanie Hu. Coach: Eric Mitchell.

Boys/Girls 12s – Tucson, Ariz. – Hilton El Conquistador (July 28-Aug. 1)
Roster: Nathan Ponwith, Yash Parikh, Stefan Koester, Jeremy Auh, Michael Lee, Nathan Niemiec, Carlos Hassey, Shawn Parks, Jesse Miritello, Harrison Reid, Daniel Hollands, Warren Fulgenzi; Maddie Pothoff, Delaney Nothaft, Kylie McKenzie, Reagan Posorske, Melissa Pick, Taylor Bridges, Paris Corley, Sabrina Barkdull, Chloe Weihs, Brandelyn Fulgenzi, Josie Frazier, Alexandra Ochotorena.
Coaches: Eric Mitchell, Ford Oliver, Dave Critchley, Ronnie Smith.
Boys/Girls 14s – US Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 28-Aug. 1)
Roster: Robert Seby, Augustus Ge, Gregory Anderson, Emanuel Llamas, Michael Tran, James Ponwith; Madison Clarke, Sara Parker, Chloe Lee, Savannah Slaysman, Meghan Lyall, Allie Sanford. Coach: Gary Druckman.

Boys/Girls 16s – Utah Tennis Association - Salt Lake City (July 28-Aug. 1)
Roster: Dominic Patrick, Hunter Johnson, Yates Johnson, Jacob Hedderig (pictured-above), Thomas Cooper, Thomas Pecor; Gabrielle Otero, Aleeza Kanner, Sara Brown, Lauren Amos, Maggie Cohen, Alyssa Singh; Coach: Jeff Johnson.
Boys – Atkins Tennis Center - Urbana, Ill. (July 31-Aug. 3)
Roster: Carlos Bermudez, Mario Urquidi, Daniel Hyman, Cameron Tehrani, Wade Heerboth, Alex Lawson. Coach: Eduardo Vicencio.

Girls – Claremont Tennis Club, Claremont, Calif. (Aug. 3-6)
Roster: Haley Driver, Zaina Sufi, Courtney Amos, Erica Medlin, Emily Harris, Mariely Hassey. Coach: Gary Druckman