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Sets in the City

SetsInCityFinally, a program for young adults, age 18-39!!  Join us in this fun and competitive recreational league!

All Levels Welcome!

Sets in the City is a relaxed, social tennis environment where an aspiring player can learn to play tennis and a veteran can get some tough competition in at the same time!

Tennis Young Adult Style

Sets in the City is about having fun and being social through tennis. All matches are played at the same time and in the same location to encourage meeting new friends!

Co-ed Teams

Sets in the City matches include one men's singles, one women's singles, one men's doubles, one women's doubles, and two mixed doubles allowing you to play tennis as a team sport.

More Information at the SWS Official Sets in the City of Albuquerque Website

For rules and regulations, locations, contacts, and registration information, check out the official SWS website for Sets in the City of Albuquerque!! Click here.

Post your comments and photos on our Sets in the City of Albuquerque FACEBOOK PAGE, here.