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Corporate League

The Northern New Mexico Corporate League is open to companies, professions, and associations in the Northern New Mexico District.  Teams participate in eight weeks of round-robin play.  The winter league is hosted Sunday evenings, January through March, each year at the Lobo Tennis Club Indoor Bubble Facility.  Match play starts at 4:00pm and goes until 7:00pm.

Each match up involves three doubles teams competing per round.  Teams are handicapped using a "TenCap" handicap system to equalize play between players of differing NTRP levels.  The purpose of the league is to provide FUN, GOOD COMPETITION, and SOCIAL tennis for all. 
The Corporate League is run by Karen Amond with help from Fred Abbott. Contact Karen at gashweseom@aol.com for information about the league or any of the current stats or standings.
A maximum of nine teams are invited to compete each year. Priorities are given to the previous year's participants.
2022 Champion is Tanoan:  
Pictured left to right:  Kristin Youngberg, Linda Wilson, Joan Rozzoni & Tony Heames
Not pictured:  Melissa Clark, David Martinez, Edie Martinez, Melissa Morris & Joan Yourick  


2022 Runner Up Team:  Highpoint: 
Pictured left to right:  Zach Mufti & Sohale Mufti.
Not pictured:  Teresa Chavez, Jenny Davidson, Scott Davidson, Monica Davis, Lindsay Ennis, Patty Jones,m Mic=tch Levick Dan Stephens and Terri Stewart
The 2022 Sportsmanship award was given to Randy Sakamoto. 
2019 Champion: Highpoint pictured to left2019_Corporate_Champion
Pictured left to right:  Zach Mufti, Mitch Levick, Terri Stewart, Teresa Chavez, Jenny Davidson.
Not pictured:  Scott Davidson, Lindsay Ennis, Patty Jones Keith Roessler, Kevin Roessler, Dan Stephens.
2018_Corporate_Champion2018 Champion:  Sierra Vista pictured to left
Pictured left to right:  Kym Burnett, Tony Mussarra, Joe Felice, Cortez Lovato, Renee Baca, Greg Nielsen, Denise Nelson, Eloy Baca
Not pictured:  Peter Apers, Romela Carman, Rick McCormick, Gift McWaters, Jenifer Woolcott
2017 Champion:  Honeywell team pictured right. 2017_Corporate_Champion
Pictured left to right:  Will Dukes, Micah Humphrey, Linda Kehoe, Kathy Clapp, Sean Salinas
Seated left to right:  Warren McKinney, Cortez Lovato
Not pictured:  Karen Amond, Steve Amond, Darren Hibray, Tri Pham, Biran Renval, & Jennifer White