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Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Tournament Series

DickGormanIn 1991, with the advent of the NTRP Rating System, area pros along with the then NNMTA President, Dick Gorman, convened to discuss the development of the Grand Prix Tournament Circuit.  Dick Gorman organized and ran the series for almost twenty years, until his passing in November of 2010. Today, the series is run by the NNMTA Board and was officially renamed the Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Tournament Series in honor of Dick.  These tournaments have permitted literally thousands of players to participate in high-quality, organized tennis for years.  Today, all Grand Prix division winners are recognized at the Annual NNMTA Party, hosted in the fall.  A Journeyman Trophy is awarded to the player that records the most points in the season and attends the most tournament events.  For more information on the series, contact Joe Felice at joeaccpro@comcast.net or Karen Amond at gashweseom@aol.com.      

2019 Current Player and Points List CLICK HERE
Total Point Winners:  Eric Claus (Men's Total Points), Peggy Duffie (Women's Total Points), Sean Salinas & Ryan Ellis (Journeyman Awards for playing all 8 tournaments)
Tournament Schedule for 2020: 
April 11-12:  Highpoint Sports & Wellness Adult Open - Singles & Doubles
May 22-25:  Tanoan Country Club NM Adult Open - Singles & Doubles
June 5-7: The El Gancho Open - Singles & Doubles 
June 12-14:  NM Adult Hardcourt Champs L2
July 10-12:  The Taos Open - Singles & Doubles
July 17-19:  The Ancient City Adult Open at Santa Fe Tennis Club - Singles & Doubles
July 31-Aug 2:  SWS Slam Series Indoor (Shellaberger)
August 21-23:  Sierra Vista Tennis Complex - Doubles
September 5-7:  Loren Dils Invitational at Lobo Tennis Club - Singles & Doubles
Sept 19-21:  Tennis Club of Albuquerque Duke City Open - Singles & Doubles
Dec 5-6 NM NTRP Season Finale at Shellaberger
Points Earned:
1 point for entering,
1 point for a main draw win, including a default or retirement,
2 points for winning a main draw event, and
1 point for winning the consolation back draw of an event.
Ranking Regulations: 
1. All persons ranked must hold a current USTA card and have an official NTRP rating.
2. Rankings are based on the simple point system, listed above, with players earning points for both singles and doubles divisions separately. 
3. A minimum of 6 points is required for a single player or a doubles team to be included in the published rankings.
4. Seeded players who have earned first round byes will be given 1 point for that bye as long as they win the next round.  Players who default their first round match do not receive a point for entering.
5. Players will hold rankings in each division they enter. 
For the 2018 final standings, click HERE.  For the 2017 final standings, click HERE.  For the 2016 final standings, click HERE.  For the 2015 final standings, click HERE.  For the 2014 final standings, click HERE
The 2018 Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Series Award winners were:  Journeyman Award to Sean Salinas, Freddy Gordon, Peggy Duffie.  Sean Salinas has won this award 3 years in a row. This year's Top Point winners were:  Eric Claus (Maie) and Peggy Duffie (Female).  These players will be honored at our Awards Banquet on November 14th. Congratulations!
The 2017 Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Series Award winners were: Journeyman award goes once again to Sean Salinas.  Sean completed the entire tournament series of 9 events to win the award.  He is challenging everyone to play more tournaments in 2018!  This years High Point winners are Sean Salinas with 45 points and Amanda Cooper with 19 points.  Congratulations. 
The 2016 Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Series Award Winners were Journeyman goes to Mr. Sean Salinas with 8 events.  High Point winners were Sean Salinas with 32 points and Amanda Cooper and Natalie Stovall with 21 points. Everyone was recognized at our October 18th Player Appreciation Party hosted at the Jerry Cline Tennis Center. Congratulations! 
The 2015 Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Series Awards were: High Point Awards went to Ms. Bianca Baca with 23 points and Mr. Ben Bowen with 35 points.  Our Journeyman Award goes to two gentlemen, Mr. Edward Benavidez and Mr. Byron Tillman.  Both played 6 events. 
In 2014, the Dick Gorman NTRP Grand Prix Series Award winners were: High Point Awards went to Ms. Kym Burnmett with 28 points and Mr. Joshua Hull with 44 points.  The  Journeyman Award went to Mr. Josh Hull.  The 2013 Series Award winners were:  High Point Award Winners Ms. Melissa Clark and Mr. Nils Gould; and Journeyman Award Winner Mr. Fred Ellis. 
A Bit of History (Sun Country News 1998):