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Super Senior League Sectional Teams

We extend our contratulations to the Albuquerque super senior teams that went to Sectionals.  Of the six teams ranging in level from 3.0 to 4.0 with a men's and women's team at each level, both of the 4.0 teams will be attending the 2005 Super Senior Nationals in Kansas City.   Gail and Bill Long (the 4.0 captains) are married, long-time tennis players, and referees for our area.  Now wouldn't you say those two have an avid interest in the sport?  Look at the list of captains for these teams and if you know them or any of their members, give them a call and congratulate them on their outstanding efforts.

3.0 Men - Dan Skousen, Captain; 3.0 Women - Marion Colbert, Captain

3.5 Men, Dick Stumph, Captain; 3.5 Women - Anne Harris, Captain

4.0 Men - Bill Long, Captain; 4.0 Women - Gail Long, Captain

Great going, teams! !