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Southwest Tennis Foundation


As the fundraising arm of the Southwest Section, the Southwest Tennis Foundation, Inc. provides financial support for the mission of the section to "promote and develop the growth of tennis" throughout Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso County, Texas.

Since the creation of the Foundation in 1996, the Foundation has raised funds and given many thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants to promising junior players, and to programs benefiting junior players and special populations such as wheelchair players within the section.

Exciting things have been happening, with more and more after school programs linking young players to their schools while teaching them "the sport of a lifetime". Additionally, adult education scholarships have helped get volunteers to workshops that give them the skills to develop and improve grass roots programs.

We are always looking for help to get the word out about the mission of the Foundation, to raise additional funds and to recruit and educate more volunteers. For information about the Foundation or to apply for funds, contact the Board members listed below, Becky Lee, Community Tennis Coordinator for Northern New Mexico, the USTA Southwest Section office, or the USTA Northern New Mexico Tennis Association at 505-823-6599 or e-mail Sue Jollensten at sjollensten@comcast.net.  

To contribute throughout the year, send your donation to the Southwest Tennis Foundation in care of the USTA SWS, 2720 E. Thomas Rd, Suite B 170, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Thank you to all those that have donated to the Foundation over the past year.

Your Southwest Tennis Foundation Board of Directors

  • Sue Jollensten, President
  • Sarah Ortmann, Director
  • Sharon Cardella, Secretary
  • John Ravesloot, Director
  • Mary Othmer, Treasurer
  • Tookie Johnson, Director
  • Marian Palmer, Past President
  • Tom Barrs, Director