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Junior Tournament General Information

Player Eligibility:

10 and Under: Birthdays in 1999 until first day of the month of age 11; all birthdays in 2000 and younger.

12 and Under: Birthdays in 1997 until first day of the month of age 13; all birthdays in 1998 and younger.

14 and Under: Birthdays in 1995 until first day of the month of age 15; all birthdays in 1996 and younger.

16 and Under: Birthdays in 1993 until first day of the month of age 17; all birthdays in 1994 and younger.

18 and Under: Birthdays in 1991 until first day of the month of age 19; all birthdays in 1992 and younger.




Contact the NNMTA at 505-823-6599 for information on NNMTA sponsored high performance clinics, summer team tennis, and other recreational team tennis events such as Elementary, Middle School, and High School after school tennis opportunities. For more information, contact the following individuals:

Lynn Begay - NNMTA President;

Phone: 505-610-0186

Dick Johnson - NNMTA Junior Recreation

Phone: 505-507-6795

Mary Wommack - NNMTA Junior Team Tennis Coordinator; Phone: 505-280-9771

Sue Jollensten - NNMTA Program Director;

Phone: 505-823-6599

See the 2010 Southwest (SWS) Player Handbook ONLINE AT www.southwest.usta.com for additional information on SWS tournaments, junior ranking, endorsements, and other special SWS events. Questions for the SWS may be directed to:

Becky Lee - SWS Community Tennis Coordinator for NNM; Phone: 505-254-9123

Dan Pick - NNMTA Chair for Junior Player Development; Phone: 505-332-9337

Eric Mitchell - SWS Junior Player Development Manager; Phone: 480-289-2351 x107

Register Online:

Go to www.usta.com and click on TennisLink in the top right corner. Then click on Tournaments from the drop down. This takes you to the tournament homepage for the USTA. Enter the ID# in the space provided. Click on the Tournament when it shows up on your screen. Then simply follow the prompts to register on line. REMEMBER: Entry deadlines are 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the tournament date.

USTA Membership:

USTA Membership is required for Sanctioned Tournaments Only. Novice Events do not requirement membership. Junior Memberships cost $19 for one year. Three and five year memberships are also available. Member benefits include a monthly subscription to TENNIS, quarterly subscription to SMASH and USTA, and quarterly mailings of the Southwest Section Sun Tennis. Memberships support various grassroots programs that promote tennis throughout the Northern New Mexico Area. Go to www.usta.com and click on Memberships in the top right corner of the screen. Then, follow the prompts to purchase your USTA Membership online.