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Update from Tony Stephens on League
Northern New Mexico District League Players:

Now, most of you players are well aware of the two meetings that took place regarding the scheduling of Santa Fe/Albuquerque matches in the 2003 leagues. After several proposals on how to contend with the situation, our NNMTA Board decided not to make any changes regarding this situation this year. The idea is to let the captains, players and board members think about possible solutions and hopefully come up with a solution that would work best for the most players and at the same time help grow our league participation in the
Santa Fe and Northern Counties area. Be aware that since we are not making any scheduling changes this year, Santa Fe teams, again, have the option to play among themselves if there are enough teams to allow that. As in the past, it is their choice to do so and the playoffs will be set accordingly. The following excerpt is taken from our league rules regarding playoffs....
CHAMPIONSHIPS - The winners are determined by the season win/loss records. If there is a tie to determine a team for the play-offs, the methods on p.13, (the USTA tiebreaker method) of the 2003 rule book will be used to break the tie. For each level, the season win/loss record will determine seeding.

NOTE: the method for determining how many teams from each level will participate
in the district playoffs is as follows:

4 teams or less at a level = the team with the best win/loss record will
proceed to Sectionals without having local

5-10 teams at a level = 2 teams with the best win/loss record from
round robin play will proceed to the local

11 or more teams = 4 teams with the best win/loss record from
round at a level robin play will proceed to the
playoffs (#1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3)

Whenever a level is divided into two groups, one in Santa Fe and one in Albuquerque, the winner from each group will play the finals of those playoffs in Santa Fe on the even years and in Albuquerque on the odd years.

Whenever there is one large group of teams at a level, which contains both
Santa Fe and Albuquerque teams, the seeding is as follows: 1st place plays 4th place and 2nd place plays 3rd place. Each time the higher seed is the home team.

Whenever there are two groups, in
Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and one group is too small to have two teams and the other group large enough to have three teams, one team will be taken from the smaller group and three teams will be taken from the larger group. The first place team from the larger group will be the first seed and the single team from the smaller group will be the second seed. The second place team from the larger group will be the third seed and third place team from the larger
group will be the fourth seed.

NOTE There is one new rule that the Board voted in that will go into effect beginning with our Adult League and will be in place for all of the following leagues. That rule is:
If your team is scheduled for a match at an inconvenient time, you and the other captain may change it so long as the match is held 7 days on either side of the original data. If no agreement can be reached, the scheduled match date will stand. Remember, any match that is not played will go into the TennisLink database as a double default.

Please pass this information on to players who are not on this E-mail list.

Thank you,
Tony Stephens
USA League Tennis Coordinator
Northern New Mexico District
Southwest Section