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Adult League Committee Report

The Adult League Committee has met twice to discuss possible adult league scheduling options to present to the board . The committee has researched and reviewed some of the advantageous and disadvantageous outcomes to each option that were previously discussed at the Santa Fe and Chamisa Hills league meetings.

The committee suggests that the following options: (1) be discussed at the August board meeting and (2) voted on by the September meeting. It was noted that board members need sufficient time to present these options to other league players and relay additional opinions/comments at the August board meeting. The committee as a whole is not recommending one option over the other but aspires to present league data and information to make this difficult decision for all league players as equitable as possible.

2004 USTA League Santa Fe/Albuquerque Options


"Leave things as they are with Santa Fe and Albuquerque in the same league and continue with the current weekend scheduling," BUT with the following addition. Each team will be scheduled ONE (1) WEEKDAY travel match either in May or in June. Teams may choose to reschedule their weekday match on their own if they choose to do so. Tony can provide the Complex facility in Albuquerque if the teams need an additional site.

PROS and CONS: This option allows Santa Fe and Albuquerque to play together in one league. CON: some players do not want to travel during the week because of work. Discussion: What is the possibility of adult league players accepting one weekday match? The board is not setting a precedent because the mixed league is presently playing weekday matches. Discussion: The committee does recognize the importance of supporting LEAGUE play and TOURNAMENT play. By playing one weekday match it opens weekends for scheduled tournament play. Therefore, PLAYERS WILL NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN TOURNAMENTS AND LEAGUE MATCHES. There would not be a need to schedule league matches that would interfere with tournament play.


(From the 1st Committee Meeting at the Shellaberger Tennis Center in 2003)

"If there is a minimum of 4 teams in SF, they must play together in SF with the winner playing the winner from Albuquerque to determine who goes to Sectionals.".

SF Women--2.5 (1 team); 3.0 (4); 3.5 (5); 4.0 (2) and 4.5 (1).

SF Men--3.0 (2); 3.5 (4); 4.0 (1); 4.5 (2); and 5.0 (1).

Pros and Con: There are only three (3) Santa Fe teams that qualify based on the 2003 league data. The intention is that Santa Fe would be able to start their own league but with these numbers it appears to be statistically improbable. This recommendation might “push” Santa Fe prematurely and it could create a possible backlash in communications and relationships. Discussion: The committee would like to further strategize/plan for an eventual separation in the near future and entertains further discussion from the board. Recently Sara Stablein met with some of the northern county coaches at the July Santa Fe NJTL event to encourage help develop adult league play.


(From the 2nd committee meeting at Chamisa Hills in 2003) "The league will have a possibility of three (3) divisions at every level, in all leagues, with a minimum of 2 teams in each division." Divisions are: SF division; Albuq division and a Traveling division.

SF division--a team chooses to play all matches in SF ONLY. (these teams can be from SF or Albuq)

Albuq division--a team chooses to play all matches in Albuq ONLY. (these teams can be from SF or Albuq)

Traveling division--a team chooses to play matches in Albuq and SF. (these players must be from both Albuq and SF)

PROS and CON: The players would have the choice to travel or not to travel and allows players a voice in their decision. Discussion: The committee is wary that the majority of the Albuq teams will now or eventually choose not to travel. Therefore, SF teams would still have to travel to Albuq for match play. At present, some Albuq club facilities do not provide enough tennis courts to play the majority of league matches. What will the reaction be if more league matches are scheduled at public facilities to accommodate the traveling SF teams? The Committee suspects many players who play club dues expect to play their matches at their facilities.

Discussion: “PLAYOFFS”—Presently the playoffs are between the top two, four, or six teams, depending on the number of teams in each category. This format was recommended by a Committee to help “keep more players interested for the entire season and provide more teams an opportunity/chance to compete in a playoff”.

But, with a three division playoff, SF/Albuq/Traveling, the playoff format will change to a “TOP TEAM” playoff.

Option 4

(From the 2nd committee meeting at Chamisa Hills in 2003)

Same as above, except with a minimum of 4 teams to make a division.

Additional comments: The committee recognizes that the mixed league has weekday match play therefore the board is not setting a precedent.

The committee recommends a “league survey” be compiled and packaged in the 2004 captains’ registration folder. The information gathered from the survey results would be used for the organization of the 2004/ 2005 league season.

The main goal of the NNMTA is to promote and grow the game of tennis. The good news is that we have increased league play each year by approximately 5%!

The Committee looks forward to hearing from you. Please email your comments, ideas, etc. to anyone on the Committee. The NNMTA’S Adult League Committee consists of Chloeshi Odom, Chair; Tony Stephens, League Coordinator; Sara Stablein, Tennis Coordinator; and Bev Bourguet, President. Any of their email addresses can be found by clicking on the topic area, “About Us” on the left side of this site.