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Ten and Under Tennis Leagues - Spring and Summer
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Northern New Mexico offers two ORANGE BALL Ten and Under (10U) Tennis Leagues -  one in the spring and one in the summer.   Local clubs, parks, school clubs, and NJTLs recruit players to play weekly matches. The teams are Coed.  Both leagues award 3 stars for advancement in the Southwest Section 10U Pathway. Players must play at least 3 matches in the season to receive the stars. 
Both leagues require a USTA Membership to play.   For new 10U players, the membership is FREE.  To sign up, you may call 1-800-990-8782 and speak to an operator, or sign up at this USTA Page.  If you have any questions about signing up for the free membership, contact the NNMTA Tennis Service Representative at nnmtaprograms@gmail.com.
Both leagues will require registration in tennislink and will cost $10.  Clubs and programs may have additional fees for coaching, equipment, team shirts, etc.  
Orange Ball and Red Ball Play Offered
In 2019, the summer league matches will be played in June and July, on Fridays at various locations around ABQ and Santa Fe. The dates will be as follows:  June 14, 21, 28 and July 12. The Season Ending Rally Fun Day will take place the weekend of the NNMTA JTT Local Playoffs on Friday July 12.  On July 12th, player prizes and cake will be provided to celebrate the day! 
This league is played as Co-ed Mix-and-Match Doubles and/or Singles depending on the kids that show up to the matchplay days and the number and ability of players.  8U will use red ball courts and 9-10 will use orange ball courts.  For Red Ball, we will play best 4 games out of 7 games with no-ad scoring.  For Orange Ball, we will play 1- short set with no-ad scoring to 4 games with a true tiebreaker at 4-all (7 points and win by 2). 
Check out the 2014 TCA Red Ball Team in their new TCA shirts. Go T-Rexes!!