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Got a Minute?
TobyandPeteToby Smith, at right with legendary Pete Sampras, has worked as a journalist since 1965.  He has written nine nonfiction books with his tenth coming out in 2014.  His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.  He has written about many sports, from anvil tossing to yoyo spinning.  Tennis is by far his favorite.  Though he has reported on the U.S. Open and the Davis Cup, and from Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia, the most alluring tennis stories, he says, are found right here in the Southwest.
Enjoy his stories below from the Northern New Mexico series, "Got a Minute?"  If you know someone who might be a candidate for the Got a Minute? feature, contact tobysmith68@gmail.com and tell why.
Also, check out his "Counterpuncher Series" at the Southwest Section Website.