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USTA Senior League Championships-2011

USTA Southwest Senior League Section Championships
May 13-15, 2011
Jerry Cline Tennis Complex/High Point Sports & Wellness -  Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Men   3.5  |  4.0  |  4.5   Women - 3.0  |  3.5  |  4.0 4.5
SeniorLeague387Seven senior teams took the next major step towards claiming a national championship with victories at the USTA Southwest Senior League Championships. The tournament, one of the four Southwest Section league championships held annually, was held over three days in mid-May in Albuquerque, and was the culmination of the 2011 league season for many teams.
The Central Arizona district turned in a strong performance, leading all districts in claiming four of the seven championships, including
3.0 Women (at High Point & Jerry Cline) – Greater El Paso (El Paso Tennis Club – captain Delfina Lechuga) ruled the event, going 5-0 in their team matches, and 12-3 in their individual lines. The team lost just 89 games and posted three 3-0 victories in their five team matches.
In 3.5 Men (at Jerry Cline) – Central Arizona’s team out of the Phoenix Tennis Center (captain Garth Guibor) capped a perfect 5-0 record for the three days. Their 5-0 record a full two team match wins over second place Northern New Mexico, which finished 3-2.
389_WebIn 3.5 Women (at Jerry Cline) – Southern Arizona – Ventana Canyon (captain Jane Oakland) squad practically had the event wrapped up on Saturday, holding a two-match lead going into the final day, and finished in the same spot with a perfect 5-0 record, two match wins ahead of second place. Central Arizona at 2-2. 

In 4.0 Men (at Jerry Cline) – Central Arizona’s squad playing out of Chandler, and captained by Jay Hearshman dominated the opposition, going 5-0 as a team. The squad lost just two of their 15 total matches, and only five sets. Hearshman captured last year’s division championship as well, his team’s third 4.0 Southwest Senior title in four years. 

DubsThruRacquetFaceIn 4.0 Women (at Jerry Cline) – The Northern New Mexico representative from High Point Sports and Wellness (captain Gloria Killin) swept through the event with an unblemished 5-0 mark, including 2-1 victories over second and third place Central Arizona and Southern Arizona squads. In those two important matches.   

In 4.5 Men (at High Point)  - Central Arizona (Ahwatukee Tennis Club – captain Michael Flinn) put on the most dominating performance of the tournament, winning all three of their matches by shutout 3-0 scores. The team lost just one set in nine matches total.
In 4.5 Women (at High Point) – Central Arizona’s Phoenix Tennis Center squad captained by Karen Schaal won the title, clinching with a 3-0 victory over second place Northern New Mexico on the final day. The CAZ squad lost just one match in nine total, that to third place Greater El Paso.
Winning teams at the 2011 USTA Southwest Senior Section Championships will now advance on to USTA League National Championships held later this year.For a complete list of those 2011 national events, click HERE.  
HippieA 60s/Hippie themed player party was also held on Saturday night at the host Marriott Uptown hotel. It was great to see players all dressed up in their hippie garb and getting into the spirit of the night. Raffle prizes from Head/Penn and others were given away to players, who danced the night away.  
A special thanks goes out to the facilities and their staff that hosted sites for this year’s USTA Southwest Senior League Championships, Jerry Cline Tennis Center and High Point Sports and Wellness. It’s always difficult to host an event that consumes a tennis facility and their staffs and members were very gracious to let us play there. Thank you!

Another big thanks goes out to tournament staff Jana Perpich and Chantal Spillaert who helped run sites at High Point Sports and Wellness and to Becky Lee and Darlene Demory who helped at Jerry Cline.
Of course we have to thank our awesome tournament volunteers Michael Curtis, Bob Stevenson, Stacy Rafter, Serena Taylor, Bev and Gary Oppedahl, Helen Conklin, Herb Calhoun, Dee Sanchez, Marie Evanoff, Rick Thompson, Bob Scofield, Mary Schoen, and Rachel Chowaniec for their help during the event.