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USTA NNMTA Awards Ceremony and Player Appreciation Party

October 30, 2016 11:25 PM

16MelissaCongratulations to the following USTA NNMTA Local Award Winners and USTA SWS Award Nominees.  These NNM players were recognized at our Annual Player Appreciation Party held at the Jerry Cline Tennis Center on Tuesday evening of October 18th.  Big thank you to USTA NNMTA President Shelley Barker for planning the event and hosting such a great evening.  

Adult Player of the Year - Jimmy Parker
Co-Community Tennis Volunteers of the Year - Barbara Grega and Sissy Kelly
Family of the Year - Castillo Family
Event of the Year - 20th Anniversary Middle School Tournament 
Member Organization of the Year - Tennis 4 Futures (Melissa Clark SHOWN RIGHT with USTA NNMTA President Shelley Barker)
High School Coach of the Year - Klaus Weber, Boys @ Bosque School (SHOWN RIGHT AND BELOW with USTA NNMTA Jr Recreation Coordinator Dick Johnson)
Outstanding Tournament Enrichment - Sierra Vista Grand Prix Doubles
USTA League Captain of the Year - Diane DelFrate
Junior Female Player of the Year - Ivana Corley
Junior Male Player of the Year - Malachi Coleman
Junior Sportsmanship - Nicolas Scheller
Dianne Miller Courage in Tennis Award - Loren Dils
Jim Reffkin Spirit of Innovation Award - Angela Rodriguez, Principal of Washington Middle School, Tennis Courts Renovation Project

16KlausAdditional Local Award Winners

Greg Woodruff Memorial Adult Sportsmanship Award - Jake Matthews

Dick Gorman Grand Prix Journeyman - Sean Salinas (8)
Dick Gorman Grand Prix High Point Man - Sean Salinas (32)
Dick Gorman Grand Prix High Point Lady - Amanda Cooper (21) and Natalie Stovall (21)

Boys Sportsmanship Award 10/12/14 - Ethan Nguyen
Girls Sportsmanship Award 10/12/14 - Jhaydah Detvongsa
Boys Sportsmanship Award 16/18 - Julian Lee
Girls Sportsmanship Award 16/18 - Arianna Lumanog

Junior Grand Prix Results and Winners will be posted in the December newsletter.

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