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Quarterfinal Results for Metro Tournament

April 26, 2013 11:36 AM
aps2Following are the results of Thursday's Quarterfinal matches at the APS Metro Tennis Championships:
Boy's Singles Quarterfinals:
--Michael Tran (LC) def. Dane Paulsen (MHS), 6-0 6-1
--George Cooper (AA) def. Mike Atkin (PREP), 3-6 6-3 6-3
--Sean Baklini (EHS) def. Alex Dunning (AA), 6-2 6-1
--Shepard Moore (SHS) def. Eli Echt-Wilson (LC) 6-1 6-0
Girl's Singles Quarterfinals:
--Chloe Lee (AHS) def. Lydia Boisvert (SHS), 6-0 6-0
--Josie McBrayer (HHS) def. Micaela Seazzu (SHS), 6-3 6-3
--Susan Baklini (EHS) def. Kalin Baca (BS), 6-0 6-0
--Melissa Pick (AA) def. Mirian Jeppson (EHS), 6-1 6-0
Boy's Doubles Quarterfinals:
--Christian Fitzgerald/Colton Padilla (SHS) def. Nick Keller/Skye Prater (SPX), 6-0 6-0
--Nico Cruz/Jared Romero (VHS) def. Gavin Korsan/Ben Krauss (LC), 6-3 3-0 (Ret)
--Scott Leonard/Duncan Padilla (SHS) def. Zach Atkerson/Alec Vittitow (CHS), Walkover
--Henry Collis/Mason Mellott (A) def. Kevin Melter/Will Yoder (EHS), 2-6 6-4 7-5
Girl's Doubles Quarterfinals:
--Ksenia Bosina/Stacy Pollack (AA) def. Megan McMillan/Lindsey McMillan (PREP), 6-3 6-3
--Clare Donahue/Caroline Donahue (BS) def. Josephine Kozlowski/Jazzmynn Martinez (VHS), 6-3 6-1
--Hope Mielke/Kristen Trujillo (EHS) def. Lainey Korsan/Paige Renken (LC), 6-1 6-1
--Gabby Quevedo/Donna Shockley (VV) def. Geneva Ezekiel-Fuller/Sonia Trillo (AHS), 6-1 6-2
Semi-Final matches in all four events are scheduled at 4:00 PM on Friday at the Albuquerque Academy followed by Finals at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning at the same location.  If you have any questions, please call either of us at 821-6613.  During the match times, you may call our cell phones at 250-3637 (Gail) or 659-5850 (Bill).  Thanks for your support of APS athletics!