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NNMTA Introduces its 2013 Board Members and Staff

January 9, 2013 10:48 AM


This is your 2013 NNMTA Board of Directors and Staff

Top Row:  Don Faraone (Treasurer), Dave Pitts (Grievance), Dick Johnson (President), Brian Bingham (Officials), John Kowalski (Jr Comp) and Shelley Barker (Party)
Second Row:  Cee Ann Vaughan (JTT), Karen Amond (Adult Rec), Mary Wommack (Jr Rec), Jud Lee (Adult Leagues), Fred Hultberg (City) and Toby Smith (Media)
Sitting:  Becky Lee (Staff-TSR), Dee Sanchez (Secretary), Sue Jollensten (Delegate) and Joe Felice (Vice President)
Not Available for Picture:  Jerry Prohaska (Adult Comp), and Marion Colbert (Awards), Ken Stegemiller (Staff-Flex Leagues) and Steven Diaz (Staff-Newsletter)

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