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NJTL Rally Brings 85 to Albuquerque to Play

July 31, 2014 06:50 PM

On July 26th, the USTA NNMTA along with the City of Albuquerque hosted the Annual NJTL Regional Rally.  Eight teams attended bringing 80 players to compete for the title.  In a battle down to the last match, the Jerry Cline 1 Team passed the Jerry Cline 2 team by a score of 157 to 153.  Both Albuquerque teams left to celebrate before we could take thier pictures. Both Belen 1 and Belen 2 were a close 3rd and 4th finish. Here are photos from the day.

023Santa Fe First Serve with Nancy Keeran and Rafael











029Santa Fe First Serve with Nancy Keeran and Jacob











031Belen with Coach Elizabeth von Toll












035Belen with Coach Barbara Grega












Best_Team_Ever!Schools with Coach David Sims.  Coach Enrique Aguilar was not available for picture.











040Schools Team with Coaches Dee Sanchez and Leland Byers











SportsmanshipTotal_Sportsmanship Recipients included: 

Schools1: Emily and David Sims,

Schools2:  Daniel C. and Kimberly

Belen1:  Gabriella and Josef Jaramillo,

Belen2:  Noah and Madison

SF1:  Ze and Kayla

SF2:  Rowan and Kaitlan

ABQ1:  Alazar and Mackenzie

ABQ2: Jhaydah Detvongsa and Max