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Middle School Tournament a Success because of GREAT Coaches!

October 22, 2012 03:18 PM
In 1996 the middle school league began with six schools.  This year, we saw 36 independent schools participate with 53 total teams entered either in the league and/or in the tournament.  Schools came as far south as Las Cruces and as far north as Los Alamos to play in the Governor's Cup Championship.  Ernie Pyle played this year - it was their first year ever thanks to the efforts of Gabe Rodriguez. We had new coaches too for some of our returning schools.  Lorraine Gullet took over Jackson.  Tom Kratochvil championed Hillerman. Nick Romero stepped up for Monroe.  And, Derek Dunbar and Ray Kantowski ran the programs in Rio Rancho at Eagle Ridge and Rio Rancho.  Thanks also to new coaches from the Good family - Brandon, Barbara and Ashley.  Their efforts saw both LBJ and Madison maintain highly competitive teams once again.  And thanks to all those returning coaches!  Brock Brocklehurst, Dick Johnson, Gary Stansifer, Chuck Kappus, Amy Badger, Jim Willsie, Mary Wommack, Bruce Cottrell - just to name a few!  There are so many dedicated and passionate coaches that NNMTA has committed to this league.  Thank you everyone for a great year!  
Here are your results for this year: 
FatimaTeamFull Format 1:
Desert Ridge 1 def ABQ Academy 1; Final Score 10-2 (See our Cover Photo)
Consi: Annunciation 1 def Los Alamos 1, Final Score NA
Full Format 2:
Jefferson 1 def Madison A; Final Score 10-2
Consi: ABQ Academy 2 def Los Alamos 2; Final Score 10-2
Mix and Match 1:
Mesilla Valley def Sandia Prep 1; Final Score 5-4
Consi: Santa Fe Prep def Hoover; Final Score 7-2
Mix and Match 2:
(See Photos on Right of Fatima/Queen and Taft Teams
TaftTeamFatima/Queen def Home School Goldstein;
Final Score 5-4
Consi: Taft def Lincoln; Final Score 8-1
Mix and Match 3:
Desert Ridge 2 def Desert Ridge 3; Final Score 8-1
Consi: Sandia Prep 2 def Bosque 2; Final Score 6-3