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Junior Varsity/Club Tennis Results

April 14, 2014 11:30 AM
The USTA Northern New Mexico Tennis Association hosted the 2014 Junior Varsity/Club Tennis Tournament at the Albuquerque Academy on April 13th.  Thirty-seven teams participated.  The weather was great and the tennis was outstanding!  The tournament is the culmination of a six-week league season.  This year 30 teams representing 17 schools participated in the league.
The results of the tournament are listed below: 
BoysAcad1Flight 1 Boys Division
Main Draw: 
Academy 1 Team (shown right) def. La Cueva Blue Team 3-3 (32-27)
Consolation Back Draw: 
Hope Christian def. St. Pius 6-0
Flight 2 Boys Division
Main Draw: 
Home School 2 Team def. Academy 2 Team 4-2
Consolation Back Draw:
Bosque 2 Team def. La Cueva Silver Team 5-1
GirlsEldo1Flight 1 Girls Division
Main Draw: 
Eldorado 1 Team (shown right) def. Academy 1 Team 3-3 (31-28)
Consolation Back Draw: 
Rio Rancho Team def. Home School 1 Team 4-2
Flight 2 Girls Division
Main Draw: 
Academy 2 Team def. La Cueva 3 Team 4-2
Consolation Back Draw: 
Belen 2 Team def. Los Lunas/Valencia Team 3-3 (32-28)