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Inaugural Texas Shootout in Angel Fire a Huge Success

August 19, 2013 05:42 PM
TexasCowboysAngel Fire Resort hosted the inaugural Texas Shootout Team Tennis Tournament August 17th and 18th.  The tournament was a benefit fund raiser with all of the proceeds going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of New Mexico.  The tournament was sponsored by Angel Fire Resort, Coldwell Banker of Angel Fire, Avery Rush M.D. of Amarillo, Texas, Quail Ridge, and  John Dunn House Shops in Taos.  
42 players participated with teams from Amarillo TX, Liberal KS, Angel Fire and Taos NM.  The Cowboys played on Saturday with Drew's Devious Dinkers from Angel Fire winning the 4.0 division defeating the Six Shooters from Kansas 2 matches to 1 in the finals.  In the men's doubles 3.5 division The Magnificent 6 defeated The Pacesetters 3 matches to 0.  
CowgirlsThe Cowgirls played on Sunday with Taos+2 defeating the Ms. Hitters 2 matches to 1 in the finals.  Each individual doubles match was the first team to reach 41 points.  Players could purchase mulligan serves (an extra serve after a double fault). The players were treated to a nice lunch at Angel Fire Country Club, a Texas Shootout t shirt along with authentic Texas awards.   
Brett Hall, Angel Fire Tennis Director and his wife Becky ran the event.  "I was very pleased with the generosity of the local businesses with their donations for door prizes.  We raised $2500 for the charity. The players had a good time and said they would talk up the event in their cities for next year".

DeviousDinkersDrew's Devious Dinkers (Shown Right)
1. Carol Vance
2. Clark Woolridge
3. Dan Stephens
4. Dave Schoepfle
5. Drew Maxwell
6. Kent Carlin

The Pace Setters
1.  Dave Patton
2.  Ed Grober
3.  Bob Riek
4.  Mrty Dale
5.  Phil Koszarek
6.  Wally Harbert

The 6 Shooters
1.  Chuck Thomas
2.  Brad Kern
3.  Kenny Andrews
4.  Mike Hershey
5.  Larry Flynt
6.  Victor Murillo

MagnificentSixThe Magnificent (Shown Right)
1. Brad Tooley
2. Doug Crowe
3. Hank  Brusselback
4. Kent Buster
5. Mike Cummings
6. Tom Diamond


MsHittersMs. Hitters (Shown Right)
1. Barb Gibbs
2. Jodi  Koszarek
3. Mary Paul Chowdrey
4. Phyllis Harbert
5. Terry Patton
6. Treva Baker

6 Shooters
1. Susan Cox
2. Kela Henderson
3. Charmone Bednarz
4. Sherry Ollinger
5. Lorraine Haggard
6. Liz Sadler

TaosPlusTwoTaos + 2 (Shown Right
1.  Erica Hertel
2.  Luellen Hertel
3.  Roz Swelling
4.  Rose Brotman
5.  Pam Casper
6.  Becky Hall
7.  Marcia Frith