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High School JV Season a Big Success!

April 23, 2013 02:33 PM
The 2013 USTA NNMTA Junior Varsity Year-End Tennis Tournament was hosted this weekend, April 20th and 21st, at the new Jerry Cline Tennis Complex and Albuquerque Academy Tennis Courts. The finals were held Sunday morning.  After many close games were played, the Albuquerque Academy teams walked away with three first place finishes.  The La Cueva Boys in Flight 1 played hard to take the fourth championship.  Belen, Eldorado and Bosque all walked away with great finishes as well.  Check out the final scores below.
The USTA NNMTA JV League and Year-end Event was first hosted in the spring of 2001. The first schools to participate in this event included La Cueva, Highland, Del Norte, Eldorado and Cibola. Since that time, it has grown to serve from 250 to 350 participants each year.
Special thanks to the City of Albuquerque for partnering with the Northern New Mexico Tennis Association in providing this tennis venue. Also, thanks to the ColemanVision Tennis Championships, a 75K Women's Pro Circuit Event and New Mexico Youth Tennis Foundation for their support. This year all main draw winners and finalists, as well as consolation winners received ColemanVision Tournament T-shirts for their outstanding performances on the court.
Here are your 2013 Junior Varsity Results:
IMG_2310Boys Flight 1:
Winner:  LA CUEVA 1 (Shown Right with Coaches Andrea Schunk and Dick Johnson)
Robert Chen (AA) def Sean Phelan (LC) 6-2
Michael Prossnitz (AA) def Kyle Schwendemann (LC) 6-4
Roger Nordquist (LC) def Will McCormick (AA) 6-3
Matt Guido (AA) def Albert Zuo (LC) 6-3
Phelan/Schwendemann (LC) def Chen/Josh Kunepka (AA) 6-2
Daniel Zhang/Colton Paul (LC) def Josh Hoeg/Patrick Ewell (AA) 6-2
FINAL SCORE:  3-3 (27-25)
Consolation Winner: BOSQUE SCHOOL 1
Consolation Finalist:  HOPE CHRISTIAN
Jarred Cole (BS) def Elijah Pryor (HC) 6-4
Luke Croesman (BS) def Eyob Dawit (HC) 6-0
Ty Longmire-Mumford (HC) def Nick DeGarmo (BS) 7-5
Tyler Berg (HC) def Duncan Harding (BS) 6-3
Matt Hudson/Brend Perron (HC) def Aaron Fromen/Cole (BS) 6-3
Croesman/DeGarmo (BS) def Brendan Morrison/ Zack Menzie (HC) 6-3
FINAL SCORE:  3-3 (29-26)
IMG_2322Boys Flight 2:
Winner:  ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY 2 (Shown Right with Coach Ann Loose)
Finalist:  ELDORADO 2
Robbie Bridges (E) def Rafaelle Moore (AA) 6-2
Connor Arndell (AA) def Liam Brady (E) 6-3
Eric Moreno (AA) def Paul Hawkins (E) 6-4
Silas Murphy (AA) def Kellen Tetreault (E) 6-3
Moore/Moreno (AA) def Bradley Stephens/Hawkins (E) 6-2
Liam Rogers/ David Kohler (AA) def Bridges/John Moya (E) 6-3
Consolation Winner: LA CUEVA 2
Consolation Finalist:  VOLCANO VISTA
Richie Posse (LC) def Nate Tafoya (VV) 6-4
Tyler Siska (LC) def Adrian Anaya (VV) 6-1
LJ Ruggiero (LC) def Jelani Jackson (VV) 7-6
Liam Tow (LC) def Jeremy Luke (VV) 6-0
Tafoya/Anaya (VV) def Ruggiero/ Luis Silva (LC) 6-2
Siska/Daniel Lee (LC) def Jackson/Luke (VV) 7-6
Girls Flight 1:
IMG_2341Winner:  ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY 1 (Shown at Right with ABQ Academy 2 Team and Coaches Melissa Bash, Lori Robertson, and Amy Badger)
Finalist:  LA CUEVA 1
Mary Pat Abruzzo (AA) def Courtney Shipley (LC) 6-0
Alex Massey (LC) def Linda Chen (AA) 6-4
Corinne Vaughan (LC) def Simin Liu (AA) 6-1
Emma O'Connell (AA) def Jacque McRay (LC) 6-2
Massey/Vaughan (LC) def Sarah Sheppard/Cristina Dougherty (AA) 6-2
Abruzzo/Tatiana Valdez (AA) def Shipley/McRay (LC) 6-4
FINAL SCORE:  3-3 (25-24)
Consolation Winner: ELDORADO
Consolation Finalist:  RIO RANCHO 1
Carolina Kenning (E) def Devan Eaton (RR) 6-0
Kelsey Warszewski (E) def Gabby Tafoya (RR) 6-2
Taylor Bishop (E) def Sophie Lebar (RR) 6-1
Erica Holswade (E) def Brandy M (RR) 6-2
Kenning/Alexa Ogansanya (E) def Eaton/Tafoya (RR) 6-1
Lebar/Brandy (RR) def Megan Summer/Erena Horhannisyan
Girls Flight 2:
Winner:  ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY 2 (Shown above with ABQ Academy 1 Team)
Finalist:  BELEN 2
Rosalind Nguyen (AA) def Elizabeth Gee (B) 6-1
Emily Sedillo (B) def Samsara Durvasula (AA) 6-3
Macey Laughlin (AA) def Angela Smith (B) 7-6
Marissa Wade (AA) def Victoria Armijo (B) 6-1
Nguyen/Noelle Gushard (AA) def Gee/Sedillo (B) 6-2
Smith/Shyla Gonzales (B) def Laughlin/Megan McCorqudale (AA) 6-3
Consolation Winner: LA CUEVA 3 
Consolation Finalist:  VALLEY
Alexa Do (LC) def Marissa Dutton (V) 6-2
Priyanka Jain (LC) def Kymberly Romero (V) 6-4
Kara Garcia (LC) def Misty Lovato (V) 7-6
Sharissa Olivas (LC) def Erica Reategui (V) 6-0
Jennifer Nguyen/Jain (LC) def Dutton/Romero (V) 6-4
Lovato/Reategui (V) def Kenia Hernandez/Irum Nadeem (LC) 7-6