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Got a Minute?

February 24, 2015 07:26 PM
JeremyThe winter of 2015 was a significant time for the Dyche family of Albuquerque.  In late January, Heather Dyche, 34, was named head coach of the University of New Mexico women’s soccer team.  In early February, Heather’s kid brother, Jeremy Dyche, 30, was named tennis director at Highpoint Sports & Wellness. Heather had been a soccer star at Eldorado High School and Jeremy played soccer and tennis at Eldorado.  Heather went on to become a coach for junior teams at the national level and Jeremy went on train and coach at the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Fla. He played satellite and challenger pro events for a spell and became certified as an IMG coach. During the last four years, Jeremy ran his own tennis academy at the Jerry Cline Tennis Center, where he worked primarily with juniors.  
What brought you to Highpoint?
Nick Rodriguez is the general manager and he wanted to make change.  He speaks the same language that I do. Management wanted to build a strong junior program. Before, the emphasis at Highpoint was on lessons.  The club wanted fresh energy and a strong junior program. I feel fortunate to be part of that plan.  
What about your academy at Jerry Cline?
For the JDTA to survive, we needed our own home courts. Bob and Curtis at Jerry Cline were beyond helpful to me, but it’s really a city park and we ran out of courts. I worked a lot on the mental side with kids at Jerry Cline. I also helped kids find a college where they could play tennis.
What juniors stood out for you at Jerry Cline?
I had protégé players in Kamryn Blackwood, who came down from Farmington.  I helped her get to Division II Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Bridget Fleming from St. Pius went on to compete for St. Lawrence University, a DIII school in New York State.   
You had a dream of starting your own academy with its own site. What happened?   
I did dream of that, and had a design for it in my head, but then Highpoint came along and that seemed like a great place for me to go and to grow tennis. There are 15 courts at Highpoint. That’s only three less than Jerry Cline. I think Highpoint is the best tennis facility in the state.
Did you play college tennis?
No. I went to UNM for a year and eventually received my bachelor’s degree from Southwest University of Visual Arts, or SUVA, here in Albuquerque.  It’s a bachelor’s of interior architecture.  I really love the design aspect of things.
How far back do you go with Highpoint?  
My family belonged at Highpoint when I was growing up. We lived in the Glenwood Hills neighborhood, and I loved to run down here. One of my first tennis lessons was on Court 11. I played doubles at the Highpoint tournament with Kevin Williams, a high school buddy.  
What are you going to change at Hightpoint?
First, I’m going to listen to members and get a feel for what they want.  I already know that many of them want to bring back a family atmosphere here.  I want to reestablish tennis mixers, especially for new members. I want to add round-robins and build up the USTA tournaments that Highpoint has held for a long time. I want Highpoint to return to those days when there was a line of cars along Landau Street for tournaments and other events.
Ben_Bowen_and_Jeremy_Dyche_(2)But juniors will be emphasized, right?
Yes, Ben Bowen, as the head pro here, will direct junior program. Ben, shown with Jeremy to the right, was at Highpoint previously and I am glad he has come back.  He brings a lot of experience to junior tennis. We’re going to establish 10-and-under tennis and introduce non-member pricing for juniors.
What else?  
We’re going to create an environment of staying around the club after a match.  We want to make tennis more sociable than it’s been. Competitive yes, but fun, too.  I want to get away from having people blame a problem here on the corporation that runs Highpoint. This will be the members’ club. I love people and I love engaging with them.
Clearly you’re not going to do this alone?
No. A staff is already in place.  As mentioned, I brought Ben back here. I hired Lorenzo Baca, who was a fine prep player in Albuquerque and Cisco Garcia, who grew up here but moved here from Seattle. Lorenzo and Cisco will give lessons and Kevin Williams will help out on weekends. They’re all really enthusiastic and anxious to learn everyone’s name.
Soccer is still a part of your life isn’t it?
It is.  My wife Terryn played soccer at UNM and now she runs a girls’ soccer academy with Heather. It’s called LEAD, or Leadership and Empowerment through Athletic Development. Its aim is to build individual skills and create confident young women.   
You have a daughter now, don’t you?
Yes. Harper Gray Dyche.  She’s 9 months old.
Will she play soccer or tennis? Or both?
[Laughs.] Good question.  She gets help kicking a little soccer ball around and holds a tennis ball. I’m sure she’ll experience both sports.
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