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Farmingon Hosts High School Tennis Meet

August 4, 2015 03:14 PM

This was the third year in a row that we hosted the Summer Tennis Slam in Farmington.   The event was held from July 10-12 at the Farmington Tennis Complex.  Football has its seven on seven camps, basketball has their team competitive camps - so we figured we would do the same for tennis. We invite any school that wants to come and play team matches for two days.  This year we had Los Alamos, Las Vegas Robertson, Belen, Silver City, Piedra Vista, and St Mikes.  These teams bring more than eighty kids to play tennis.  It allows the kids to play many matches without the pressure of the regular season.  The kids get to know the other playes and their teams.  Though they are very tired when it is over, they have a lot of fun!

Coaches!  Join us next year for a great time.