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CAZ, SAZ Dominate at 18 & Over League Championships

August 11, 2014 08:56 PM

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USTA Southwest Adult League Section Championships
August 8-10, 2014
Various sites - Phoenix, Arizona


DonnaQThis year's USTA Southwest Adult League Section Championships saw Central Arizona and Southern Arizona battle it out for supremacy, with both districts hauling in an impressive four section NTRP crowns apiece.

The tournament  featured just over 530 league players comprising nearly 50 teams from across the Southwest, including squads from Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and  El Paso. 

The teams battled it out for three days in some pretty stifling Phoenix heat.

Winning teams at this year's Section Championships now move on to the USTA National Adult League Championships in late September and early October in Arizona and California.

(Click to view the full 2014 National Championship Schedule)

This year's USTA Southwest Adult 18 & Over League Championships tournament was held over three busy days at four sites in Phoenix Metro area - including Scottsdale Ranch Park, Phoenix Tennis Center, the Phoenician Tennis Garden and Indian School Park.

A special thanks also goes out to our Phoenix-area volunteers and other volunteers who came in from out of town to help run this year's championships. We appreciate the time and effort you all give to our USTA Southwest league program!

One other note - Early-Start ratings are now available.


Event Recap:

2.5 Women - The GEPTA squad from Coronado Country Club (Linda Nasser) edged out Northern New Mexico's squad from Alto Park to win the division with a 2-1 record. The team's played three matches against each other on the weekend, and were only separated by one individual match win.

3.0 Women - Central Arizona's squad out of Surprise - the Racquettes (Cindy Stoneman) - went 3-0 on the weekend, edging the Northern New Mexico squad out of Jerry Cline Tennis Center in Albuquerque, which finished 2-1, their lone loss coming to the CAZ squad by a 3-2 decision.  

ThreeO3.0 Men - Central Arizona's squad from Mountain View Tennis Center/Phoenix Tennis Center (Eric Edwards) posted a spotless 3-0 team record, beating all comers, including a 3-2 victory over the wildcard Central Arizona squad on the final day to win the division.

3.5 Women - Southern Arizona's team out of Tucson Racquet Club (Desiree Herndon) went 3-0 on the weekend, including a hard-fought 3-2victory over Central Arizona (Sanchez) on the opening day. CAZ finished second in the four team field.

3.5 Men - Southern Arizona's team out of Tucson Racquet Club (Craig Green) went 3-0 on the weekend, including a hard-fought 3-2victory over Central Arizona (Sanchez) on the opening day. CAZ finished second in the four team field.

4.0 Women - Southern Arizona's team out of Reffkin Tennis Center (Meghan Houk) went undefeated on the weekend, winning 17 of 25 total lines, edging out the second-place finisher from Southern New Mexico, which finished with a 4-1 record in the six-team division.

4.0 Men - Northern New Mexico's men out of Jerry Cline Tennis Center (JP Barbarre) went 5-0 at the tournament, edging past second-place Greater El Paso, which finished with a 4-1 record. The Northern New Mexico squad needed two 3-2 victories in pool play (one over Southern Arizona, the other over Greater El Paso), in one of the more competitive divisions on the weekend.

4.5 Women - Central Arizona's team out of Phoenix Tennis Center (Lindsey Ebbert) went an unblemished 5-0 on the weekend, winning 18 of 25 lines, and two close 3-2 team decisions over greater El Paso and the Central Arizona wildcard team.

4.5 Men - Southern Arizona's men that played out of Reffkin Tennis Center (Taylor Allin) took the hard road, but won three 3-2 victories to go a perfect 3-0 on the weekend and capture the title.
5.0 Men - In a three-team field, Central Arizona (Jesse Ponwith) captured the three-team division, winning both matches 3-0 over wildcard Central Arizona and a Greater El Paso squad.


 2014 USTA Southwest Adult Section Champions

FistPump2.5 Women - Greater El Paso (Captain - Linda Nasser, Coronado Country Club)

3.0 Women - Central Arizona (Captain - Cindy Stoneman, Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex)
3.0 Men - Central Arizona (Captain - Eric Edwards, Mountain View Tennis Center/Phoenix Tennis Center)

3.5 Women - Southern Arizona (Captain - Desiree Herndon, Tucson Country Club)
3.5 Men - Central Arizona (Captain - Craig Green, Tucson Racquet Club)

4.0 Women - Southern Arizona (Captain - Meghan Houk, Reffkin Tennis Center)
4.0 Men - Northern New Mexico (Captain - Jean Pierre Barbarre, Jerry Cline Tennis Center)

4.5 Women - Central Arizona (Captain - Lindsey Ebbert, Phoenix Tennis Center)
4.5 Men - Southern Arizona (Captain - Taylor Allin, Reffkin Tennis Center)

5.0 Men - Central Arizona (Captain - Jesse Ponwith, Ahwatukee Tennis Club),


A special "thank you" also goes out to our event sponsor Head/Penn for their continued support of league tennis. Our players pretty love the swag that Head/Penn provides. Head/Penn is the national ball sponsor of the league program. 

A special thank you also to All About Tennis and Rehab Burger Therapy, which provided gift certificates to our players as well. We appreciate the support! 

One other note of thanks goes out to our host, Hotel Valley Ho, They always bend over backwards to help out our 



 Official Ball of USTA Southwest League Tennis

Penn – www.pennracquet.com (BALL)

Head/Penn is the national sponsor of USTA Leagues and has been for almost a quarter of a century. They provide balls for all of our USTA Section League Championship events, and are the No. 1 selling tennis ball in America.  


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