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Be a USTA Tennis Official. Give back to the game. Check out the details here.

March 5, 2017 07:48 PM

JOIN US!!  USTA Needs Certified Tennis Officials

Beyond the professional tennis circuits, qualified officials are required for certain events and levels of play. In Northern New Mexico, officials are needed for a variety of play, including sanctioned USTA adult tournaments, junior tournaments for ages 8-18, collegiate Division I competition, and the annual State High School Championships.
Becoming Certified
There is a formal process to become certified. The process includes:
 - Completion of online webinars and courses
 - Passing written online tests
 - Satisfactory background check
 - Sufficient on-the-court observation of experienced officials
The Work
The work is event-based, so its part-time in nature, with more work on weekends than mid-week. Once certified, there is no obligation to work any particular amount or specific event. Certified officials are paid for their work for all types of play. Most work is “Roving,” but there are line and chair umpiring as well as refereeing opportunities, also.
Umpiring is not for everyone. To be good, you must:
 - Be able to apply rules in sometimes gray situations
 - Communicate effectively with players, coaches, parents, and spectators
 - Be a calming factor in stressful situations
 - Be an ambassador for our sport
 - Think and react quickly
 - Care about safety and fairness

Want to know more?
Would you like more information about the certification process and timeline, pay potential, local opportunities, or anything else involving tennis officiating? If so, please forward your name and email address to Ken Love at tennisumpire10@gmail.com.  

Thanks You.