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Albuquerque Team Wins NJTL Regional Rally

July 30, 2013 11:29 AM
On Saturday July 27th, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Belen teams met at the Jerry Cline Tennis Center to compete for the regional title.  Teams played boys and girls singles and then a mixed doubles round.  Age divisions were in 14U, 12U and 10U.   Teams were provided lunch and prizes were awarded at the end of the day. 
In the end, the Albuquerque 1 team beat out the Santa Fe 1 team for the title.   The Albuquerque 2  team just fell short of the second place finish. 
Results were based on total games for the day. Here are the scores: 
ABQ1 had 177 games won.
SF1 had 146 games won.
ABQ2 trailed by 9 games coming in third with 137 games.
Sportsmanship nominations were taken from the opposing team players and coaches.  These were the players recognized for great sportsmanship on and off the court: 
ABQ1:  Jhah Detvongsa and Gabriella Roybal
ABQ2:  Alazar Lig and Keana Cast
SF1:  Cruz Alley and Maya Pack
SF2:  J.R. Martinez and Dolma Rabgay
Belen1:  Taylor Wright and Madison Armijo
Belen 2:  Ambrielle Hasenauer and Simon Ulibarri 
ABQ1 Team Winners shown below.  ABQ1 was coached by Megan and Lindsey McMillan. The players on the winning team were Jhah Detvongsa, Jason Lyons, Chris Coash, Sam Abadie, Gabrielle Roybal, Renee Rose, Katie Lyons and Shaelyce Hann.  Santa Fe was coached by Rafa Garcia and Maddie Pack.  Players included Cruz Alley, Isiah Martin, Phillip, Chris Ulibarri, Maya Pack, Luz Rivera, Kayla Mackowski, and Sabrina and Felice Davis.
Belen Teams 1 and 2 shown below.
ABQ 2 Team and Santa Fe 2 Team shown below.