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Academy Duals Scores

April 13, 2016 03:35 PM

Thank you Bill and Gail Long for running the Albuqurque Duals Tennis tournament this past weekend.  The following are results from the final matches:


1. Boy’s Tournament:


--First Place: Albuquerque Academy def. Farmington, 9-0

--Third Place: Los Alamos def. St Michael's, 5-4

--Fifth Place: Piedra Vista def. Belen, 8-1

--Seventh Place: Bosque School def. Goddard, 9-0


2. Girl’s Tournament


--First Place: Albuquerque Academy def. Farmington, 6-3

--Third Place: Los Alamos def. St. Michael's, 8-1

--Fifth Place: Piedra Vista def. Goddard, 8-1

--Seventh Place: Belen def. Bosque School, 5-4



Bill and Gail Long

Co-Tournament Directors