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Northern New Mexico Playdays

March 31, 2012 11:43 AM
Cienna2Join in the fun this summer at a USTA Playday in Northern New Mexico.  The Tennis Club of Albuquerque hosted the first 2012 event on March 11th. The event started at 1pm with 26 players ready to take the courts for some fun competition.  The players ranged in age from six to ten.  The format was timed doubles, Orange Ball on 60' courts.  
Players played, then rotated, switched partner, and then played again. Coaches and parents watched from the sidelines, and even helped out a bit when the young ones needed a ball boy or scorekeeper.   The talent level was high with kids placing great serves, going for overheads, and moving their opponents around the court with pinpoint accurate forehands and backhands. 
TCA also hosted some Red Ball on 36' practice courts.  Parents and new players were invited to practice their tennis skills if the Orange Ball events were too difficult. 
In April, look for an event at Jerry Cline to be scheduled with the Jeremy Dyche Tennis Academy.  Also, Highpoint Sports and Wellness will be hosting an event in the afternoon at their Cinco de May celebration. 
USTA Playdays are events that are held locally and provide maximized play opportunities. They are hosted in a fun environment with emphasis on participation instead of winning.  For information on how to host an official USTA Playday in Northern New Mexico, email nnmtaprograms@gmail.com.
Photos Courtesy of Sissy Kelly.