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Jerry Cline Tennis Center Hosts Regional NJTL Rally

July 30, 2012 03:12 PM
Match1The Northern New Mexico NJTL Regional Rally was hosted on Saturday, July 28th, at the Jerry Cline Tennis Center.  Fred Hultberg from the City of Albuquerque provided the food, fun and prizes.  Southwest Section staff members Darlene Demory and Ashley Redman came in from Scottsdale to see the teams compete and help with the desk.  Dick Johnson, Sue Jollensten, Mary Wommack and Becky Lee of the Northern New Mexico Tennis Association were also on hand to help with rotations, answer questions, and tally the results for the day.
Teams traveled from as far away as Belen and Santa Fe.  Local Albuquerque teams' participants included players from Los Ranchos Park, Aztec Park, Jerry Cline Park, La Cueva Tennis, Tennis Club of Albuquerque, and Griegos and Cochiti Elementary Schools.  First place and second place awards were handed out to the teams that had accumulated the most games by the end of the day.  Coaches nominated players from the various teams for the sportsmanship awards. Here are your final results. 
Sportsmanship awards were presented to a boy and a girl from each team that exhibited exemplary conduct and great sportsmanship attitudes throughout the day.  In honor of Arthur Ashe, these individuals were recognized: 
Dakota Haraden and Brandon Briganti, Santa Fe Team 1
Kayla Mackowski and Bryan Gomez, Santa Fe Team 2
Analisse Mirabal and Chris Coash, Jerry Cline Team 1
Renee Rose and Antonio Romero, Jerry Cline Team 2
Gabriella Baca and Isaiah Castillo, Belen Team 1
Gabriella Jaramillo and Noah Rivera, Belen Team 2
Abigail Baca and Kris Thacker, Vamos North and South Valley APS Schools
Courtenay Leonard and JR Martinez, Wildcard team from ABQ
WinnersOur First and Second Place teams for 2012 were the Wildcard Team coached by Lauren Salm with a total of 168 games and the Albuquerque Team 1 coached by Tara Rivera finishing only four games short at 164, respectively.
Members of the Wildcard team included:  J.R. Martinez, Nena Dorame, Cas Baker, Cienna Chavez, Julian Lee, Courtenay Leonard, John Leonard, and Maddie Chavez. 
Members of the Albuquerque 1 Team included:  Chris Coash, Hannah Miller, Cole McLaren, Analisse Mirabal, Zack Kolkmeyer, Gabrielle Roybal, Jhan Devontgsa, and Nicole Goss.
Congratulations to these teams for great play throughout the day!!!
BelenOur Belen team members included: 
Team 1 coached by Barbara Grega included Isaiah Castillo, Isabella Jaramillo, Xavier Castillo, Gabriella Baca, Will Chavez, Madison Chavez, Josef Jaramillo and Megan Jaramillo. 
Team 2 coached by David Grega inlcuded Noah Rivera, Gabriella Jaramillo, James Rivera, Dakota Sparks, Troy Matheson, Jillian Silva, Mikey Brown, and Arena.    
VamosThe Team from the South Valley and North Valley Schools program, coached by Dee Sanchez included the following players:  Ray Cruz, Raquel Maldonado, Amarie Pino, Allen Ruiz, Izzy Archibeque, Kris Thacker, Abigail Baca, Gabriel Quintana, Nathaniel Chavez, and Pema. 
The Santa Fe 1 Team, coached by Maddie Pack and Naiche Campos of the First Serve Program in Santa Fe and at the Shellaberger Tennis Center, included the following players:  Donillo, Audrey Johnson, Brandon Briganti, Luz Mrie Barrera, Rico Malcolm, Cruz Alley, Dakota Haraden, Sonam Phuntsog, Desmond Block, and Alexis Tallmon. 
SF2The First Serve Santa Fe 2 Team included:  Bryan Gomez, Kayla Mackowski, Isiah Martin, Alyssa Peralta, Edward Medina, Alonzo Gomez, Alyssa Peralta, and Kristen Mackowski.  Rafael Garcia and Nancy Keeran helped coach the team.
JC2The Jerry Cline Team 2 included John Rivera, Jolee Granger, Antonio Romero-Salas, Tatiana Dalton, Michael Nunez, Renee Rose, Alex Senaro, and Cassie Kien.  The team was coached by LeeAnza Roybal.