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2016 Junior Varsity & Club Tennis Players Play Year-End Tournament

April 17, 2016 07:41 PM
Rain could not stop us from finishing this year's NNMTA Junior Varsity & Club Tennis Teams year end tournament event.  The annual tournament this year was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 16 and 17.  But rain would force the event to a one-day tournament.  Saturday was canceled and Sunday was jam-packed with exciting tennis. Strong match performances were seen by Volcano Vista, Cibola, Los Lunas Schools, Bosque School, Eldorado, Highland, Albuquerque, and Belen.  But at the end of the day the Albuquerque Academy and La Cueva teams dualed it out on the courts for the Championship titles. 
At the end of the day, the season wrapped up with Coleman Vision t-shirts and school towels as player prizes.  Plaques with team photos will be provided to the first and second place teams. This year the NNMTA spring league saw 250 kids participate on 27 school teams.  The tournament fielded 27 teams competing in 4 flighted divisions. 
Congratulations to all the great players and thier amazing coaches.  Here are your results:
jv_la_CuevaGirls Flight 1
La Cueva 1 coached by Lorraine Gullet (shown right) defeated Albuquerque Academy coached by Melissa Bash.  The final score was 4-2.  The match had 4 match tie breakers. It was a great match to watch. 
La Cueva 1 def Albuquerque Academy 1
Sophie Nance AA def Amanda Martin LC 7-6
Neha Rajput LC def Arielle Nance AA 7-6
Aiden Allen LC def Joana Hadzhilazova AA 7-6
Ashleigh Allpass AA def Brianna Martin LC 6-3
Martin/Martin LC def Allpass/Hadzhilazova AA 7-6
Rajput/Allen LC def Adela Gallegos/Ellie Vassilev AA 7-5
Girls Flight 2
Albuquerque Academy 2 coached by Melissa Bash defeated La Cueva 2 coached by Paula Schwartz and Becky McClain.  The final score was 4-2.
Catie Lacey AA def Jackie Koelling LC 6-2
Jey Nguyen AA def Pryanka Jain LC 6-0
Lily Rodriguez LC def Samsara Durvasula AA 6-2
Alexis Yoon LC def Amy Zhang AA 6-4
Nguyen/Durvasula AA def Yoon/Koelling LC 7-5
Lacey/Elizabeth Johnson AA def Rodriguez/Lauren Chang LC 7-6
JV_AcademyBoys Flight 1
Albuquerque Academy 1 coached by Mike Cheves (shown to the right) defeated La Cueva 1 coached by Andrea Schunk.  The final score was 5-1.
Andrew Doughty LC def Kevin Xue AA 6-3
Jack David AA def Drake Monske LC 6-1
Curtis McNary AA Jasper Hanes 6-1
Will Gebhardt AA Ben Doughty LC 6-3
Xue/Rafa Moore AA def A Doughty/Hanes LC 6-2
David/Eric Moreno AA def Marcello Dominguez/B Doughty LC 6-1
LCTobyBoys Flight 2
Albuquerque Academy 2 coached by Mike Cheves defeated La Cueva 2 coached by Toby Smith (La Cueva 2 picture shown right).  The final score was 6-0.
Gage Fox AA def Cooper Blair LC 7-6
Mitchell Bauer AA def Grayson McDonald LC 6-1
Ryan Yassin AA def Alex Lee LC 6-3
Cameron Savage AA def Akshay Jain LC 6-0
Yassin/Bauer AA def Blair/Lee LC 6-0
Diego Gonzales/Savage AA def McDonald/Jain LC 6-1