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2013 Adult League 18 & Over Championships

August 12, 2013 08:37 PM
USTA Southwest Adult League Section Championships
August 9-11, 2013
Jerry Cline Tennis Center - Tanoan Country Club - High Point Sports & Wellness - ALBUQUERQUE, NM
Sheraton Uptown Albuquerque

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League1This year's USTA Southwest Adult League Section Championships was one of the most balanced on record, as no district grabbed the majority of titles.

The four large district in USTA Southwest (Central Arizona, Southern Arizona, Northern New Mexico and Greater El Paso) played tug of war in 2013, divvying the 10 divisions pretty evenly.

This year, Southern Arizona and the host district Northern New Mexico each hauled in three section crowns, while Central Arizona and Greater El Paso each pocketed two.

The tournament  featured just over 500 league players comprising nearly 50 teams from across the Southwest, including squads from Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and  El Paso. The teams battled it out for three days in Al

Winning teams will now move on to the USTA National Adult League Championships in late September and early October in Arizona and California.

(Click to view the full  2013 National Championship Schedule 

The tournament was held over three busy days at three sites in Albuquerque -Jerry Cline Tennis Center, Tanoan Country Club and High Point Sports and Wellness. Thanks to those facilities for working with us and accommodating us for what is our largest tournament of the year. Your staffs were quite helpful and Albuquerque was a great host city this year!

A special thanks also goes out to our Albuquerque area volunteers as well as Northern New Mexico area league coordinator Jud Lee for their assistance with this year's tournament.

One other note - Early-Start ratings are now available. Check back to southwest.usta.com to see those updated ratings that all league players must use to register for 2014 Leagues

League2Event Recap:
2.5 Women - The GEPTA's squad from El Paso Tennis & Swim Club posted a 3-0 team record, winning 7 of 9 matches against the Northern New Mexico Squad from Alto Park. The GEPTA squad has a 13-0 record on the season so far.  

3,0 Women - Southern Arizona's squad from Tucson Country Club  ended up being the top dog of three teams with 2-1 team records, edging past a Central Arizona squad and Greater El Paso squad both with 2-1 records as well. SAZ had 10 match wins out of 15, while both Central Arizona and Greater El Paso both had 8 match wins out of 15. 

3.0 Men - Central Arizona's squad from Paseo Racquet Center cruised to victory with a 3-0 team record, winning 13 of 15 total lines, easily outpacing second place Northern New Mexico.

3.5 Women - Northern New Mexico's went 5-0 on the weekend, losing just 5 of 25 total matches. The squad from Albuquerque's High Point Sports and Wellness wrapped up their title by beating Northern New Mexico wildcard team from Santa Fe 3-2 on the final day.

3.5 Men - Central Arizona's team out of Phoenix Tennis Center  edged out Northern New Mexico (Tennis Club of Albuquerque) 3-2 on the first day, then went on to claim the division with a 3-0 record.

4.0 Women - Southern Arizona's team out of Tennis Racquet Club went 4-1, as did Northern New Mexico's squad from Santa Fe's El Gancho Swim & Racquet Club, but the SAZ squad advanced on (even with a head-to-head loss to NNM) based on more matches won (19 to 17). 

4.0 Men - Greater El Paso captured this division for the third consecutive year, winning all five team matches for a spotless record, including two close 3-2 matches on Saturday over Northern New Mexico and Central Arizona.  The team won 19 of 25 individual matches on the weekend.

4.5 Women - Northern New Mexico's team  out of Tanoan Country Club emerged as the best of the three teams tied with a 2-1 record, outpacing second place Central Arizona by two matches won (11 to 9). SAZ's team out of Tucson Racquet Club also finished with a 2-1 record, but won just 7 of their 15 individual lines.  

4.5 Men - Northern New Mexico's team out of Tanoan Country Club won all three team matches they played, including a 3-2 decision on the final day and on the last court to pull out the section title.

5.0 Men - In a two-team field, Southern Arizona's squad swept Northern New Mexico 2-0 to earn their second national championship bid in the last three years.  
2013USTA Southwest Adult Section Champions
2.5 Women - Greater El Paso (Captain - Melinda Pineda)

3.0 Women - Southern Arizona (Captain - Kendell Hartenbach)
3.0 Men - Central Arizona (Captain - Deepak Pydimarry)

3.5 Women - Northern New Mexico (Captain - Becky Thuma)
3.5 Men - Central Arizona (Captain - Nagarajan Murugan)

4.0 Women - Southern Arizona (Captain - Teri Flanagan)
4.0 Men - Greater El Paso (Captain - Dennis McElveen)

4.5 Women - Northern New Mexico (Captain - Sara Loetscher)
4.5 Men - Northern New Mexico (Captain - Steve Rivera)

5.0 Men - Southern Arizona (Captain - Evan Feldhausen),

*5.0 Women  - Central Arizona (Captain - Jamie Buterbaugh) . *Team did not participate at USTA Southwest Adult League Section Championships, but does advance to national championships.
A special heartfelt "thank you" also goes out to our event sponsor Head/Penn for their continued support of league tennis. Our players pretty love the swag that Head/Penn provides. Head/Penn is the national ball sponsor of the league program. 

A special thank you also to the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors' Bureau for their assistance in helping our players learn more about the goings-on in the city and for creating coupon books for our players! They really appreciated it
headpennlogoOfficial Ball of USTA Southwest League Tennis
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Head/Penn is the national sponsor of USTA Leagues and has been for almost a quarter of a century. They provide balls for all of our USTA Section League Championship events, and are the No. 1 selling tennis ball in America.  

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