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Q & A ADVISOR by Tony Stephens

Question:  I was a 4.0 player who was moved up to 4.5 at the end of the 2001 season due to my good results that season.  I did not play in the 2002 season because I felt that I was not competitive at the 4.5 level.  I now want to play in the 2003 season.  Could I have appealed my 4.5 rating during the appeal period in December 2002?  If not, how can I get my 4.5 rating changed back to 4.0?

Answer:  You can not appeal the 4.5 rating from the 2001 season in December 2002.  When the year-end ratings come out on December 1st of any year, the appeal period for that year is December of that year ONLY!  The only way the rating can be changed is to either sit out for 2 seasons so that the 4.5 rating expires or play 2 matches at the 4.5 level, either on a 4.5 league team or in a 4.5 NTRP tournament.  By doing this, you can appeal that rating in December of that year.