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Highpoint Wins 2010 Corporate League

March 13, 2010 04:58 PM

The 2010 Corporate League came to a close Sunday evening, March 7 with the Highpoint Sports and Wellness team as the final winner. This is Highpoint’s second consecutive Corporate League win! The league consisted of nine teams who played Sunday evenings in the Lobo Club’s indoor courts for the last nine weeks. The teams in order of their standings at the end of the league were Highpoint, Honeywell, Sierra Vista, APS, Bosque Schools, Tanoan, Four Hills, TCA Red, and TCA Blue.

The league is sponsored by the USTA and the NNMTA. The league managers were Karen Amond, Fred Abbott, Ralph Tissot and Lynn Begay. The league managers would like to thank all the teams and their captains for participating in the ninth annual Corporate League. Hope to see you all next year!