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USTA Scholarships Available For College-Bound Junior Players

January 20, 2010 07:56 PM
Southwest Tennis Foundation College Scholarship Program

Attention young tennis players: The Southwest Tennis Foundation (SWTF) is soliciting applications for college scholarship money to help our young players pursue their goals and dreams. Have a love for tennis, a USTA playing background, high academic achievement, and a financial need for college matriculation...or know of someone who does? Then you are the perfect candidate! High school seniors are encouraged to apply now!

In 2010, the SWTF will award up to $2,000 total in college scholarships. The plan is to award between one and four awards to deserving students.

The criteria for selection will include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Bestowed upon a high school senior who has excelled academically, demonstrated achievements in leadership, and participated extensively in an organized community tennis program.

(2) Presented to a USTA ranked high school senior of ethnically diverse heritage who has excelled academically and participated extensively in an organized community tennis program.

(3) Granted to a high school senior who has performed with distinction, and actively participated in extracurricular activities, community service, and an organized tennis program

(4) Bestowed upon a high school senior who has excelled academically, demonstrated community service, played tennis in an organized program, and who resides in an economically disadvantaged community.

To apply for a Southwest Tennis Foundation Scholarship, please submit the JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST FORM to the Southwest Tennis Foundation by April 1, 2010 at the address below:
   Southwest Tennis Foundation
   c/o 'College Scholarship'
   7010 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 201
   Scottsdale, AZ 85254

The Southwest Tennis Foundation Scholarship Committee will meet to review and discuss applications and determine award recipients in April and will announce scholarship winners by May 15.  


Each year, USTA Serves awards scholarships to deserving youngsters who have participated in United States Tennis Association (USTA) and other organized youth tennis programs. The following scholarships are offered:

The Marian Wood Baird College Scholarship

USTA Serves logoThe Dwight F. Davis Memorial Scholarship

The Dwight Mosley Scholarship Award

The USTA Serves College Education Scholarship

The Eve Kraft Education & College Scholarship

The USTA Serves College Textbook Scholarship

For more information on the college scholarship opportunities, click HERE.

The deadline to return is Feb. 5 (applications must be postmarked by that day for consideration).

USTA Serves Player Incentive Award
The Player Incentive Award is a one time, nonrenewable grant of $500. Its purpose is to encourage the development of USTA youth tennis program participants with great potential and a commitment to academic excellence. For qualifications and requirements click HERE.