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Player Registration
  • Each player must be a USTA member or they cannot register for a team.
  • The membership must be valid through the end of the league season.
  • A player’s NTRP rating must be equal to or lower than the NTRP level specified for the specified level of competition.
  • A player is allowed to register without a DNTRP rating by “self-rating” themselves when they register for their team on the Internet. (Self rating can only be done if you have not been computer rated in the past 5 years or 3 years for players who are 60 years of age.
  • Elite Players (self-rated 4.0 players and above, ex-college, ex-pros, etc) must complete a player history form and submit it to the Southwest Section and receive approval from the Southwest Section to participate at their self-rated level before participating in a match. Failure to report or omission of information regarding a player’s tennis history will subject the player, the captain and/or others who condoned inaccurate self-ratings to sanctions and disqualifications.
  • A computer-derived rating is valid for three (3) years for individuals 60 years of age prior to or during the championship year and for five (5) years for all others, or until another computer rating is generated.
  • All player registrations are done on the USTA Website titled TennisLink.

NOTE: A player MUST be registered on the roster in order to play in a match; if a player plays in a match before being registered, that match will result in a forfeit.

Procedure to register for a USA League team

  • Go to TennisLink website: http://national.usta.com
  • On the right side of the page click on "Register for a team"
  • Enter the 9-10 digit team ID number & the telephone number in the associated boxes
  • Click on "Next Step"
  • Continue to enter the credit card information
  • "Submit" all of the information

NOTE: If the player is not a USTA member at the time of registration, they will have to join the USTA at this Website in order to register for a USA League team.

Last updated on January 17, 2005