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League Survey

Here is the chance you have been waiting for--an opportunity to speak up on your experience with league play--what works, what doesn't, and what you think will improve the league.  The NNMTA League Rules Committee, along with your local League Coordinator, Tony Stephens, are giving you the opportunity to effect the future of the league.  Please take the time to complete the survey as it gives us important feedback to make needed or desired changes which will make our league run better for the enjoyment of our players.

We, the NNMTA League Rules Committee, want to thank you in advance for your opinions.


The USTA/Midwest Section would like your input regarding the USA League Tennis program in your area.

USA League Tennis Questionnaire

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NTRP Level of Play
USTA Number

1. I am playing or will participate in the following divisions for 2004: (Please check all that apply.)
Adults (19 and older)
Seniors (50 and older)
Mixed Doubles (19 and older)
Super Seniors (60 and older)
Senior Mixed Doubles (50 and older)
Combo Doubles (19 and older)
Generation XY (New Mixed Doubles - 19-29 years old)

2. In 2003, I did not play USA League Tennis due to the following reasons: (Please check all that apply.)
Too Many Rules
Length of Season (too long/too short)
Travel Distance to Play (too far/too long)
League Schedule/Match Days (could not play on scheduled match day)
NTRP Rating
Dynamic NTRP Rating System
Too Competitive/Non-Competitive
Size of Team (too big/too small)
Work Demands
USTA Membership Required

3. What do you like best about USA League Tennis?

4. What do you like least about USA League Tennis?

5. What would you like to see offered in USA League Tennis?

6. What year did you receive your last computer rating?

7. As a current and/or former USA League Tennis player, do you have any questions or comments regarding USA League Tennis?