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League Rule Changes for the 2005 Season
In order to keep Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Los Alamos in one CTA, the following NNMD rule changes were made by the NNMTA Board members
  • The NNMD leagues' biggest change, beginning with the 2005 Adult League, is the implementation of the 10-point Match Tie-Breaker in place of the third set. This format will be used in all leagues. When inputting a Match Tie-Breaker score into TennisLink, it is put in as 1-0, not 7-6. (NNMTA rule)
  • In regard to the local league season and playoffs, any team that plays in a "single round robin" group and goes undefeated, will advance to the finals in the local playoffs. The second & third place teams in that group would play each other to see who plays the undefeated team in the finals. Look under the “Championships” section of this document for information about the number of teams that go to the local playoffs regarding any “undefeated” team. (NNMTA rule)
  • The hub of the leagues will be Albuquerque with the majority of the matches played in Albuquerque. (NNMTA rule)
  • Adult League Albuquerque teams will not travel to the Northern area more than two times. (NNMTA rule)
  • No Albuquerque team will travel to Los Alamos due to a lack of 5 courts at one location. Only Santa Fe teams will travel to Los Alamos. (This is due to past problems with the timely completion of matches due to the court shortage) (NNMTA rule)
  • All Los-Alamos-to-Albuquerque matches will be scheduled on weekends at facilities that have a minimum of 5 courts. (NNMTA rule)
  • We will continue to have one Albuquerque-to-Santa-Fe or Santa-Fe-to-Albuquerque match played on a weekday at 6:00 PM. (NNMTA rule)
  • Any matches that cannot be played at any facility due to over-scheduling at that facility will be played at the Albuquerque Tennis Complex. Court fees for those matches will be paid by the NNMD league funds. (NNMTA rule)
  • In the Senior League schedule, the NNMD playoffs will be scheduled immediately at the end of the season. (NNMTA rule)
  • The Super Senior League matches will be scheduled on weekdays instead of weekends and the NNMD playoffs will be scheduled immediately at the end of the season. (NNMTA rule)
  • The format at the Southwest Sectionals will be different beginning this year due to the addition of the Northern Arizona District to the other three Districts. (SWS rule)
  • The third set 10-point Match Tie-Breaker will be used for all Southwest Sectionals starting in 2005. The Southwest Section is the last USTA section to use the National Match Tie-Breaker format. (SWS rule)
  • Elite Players (self-rated 4.0 players and above, ex-college, ex-pros, etc) – must complete a player history form and submit it to the SW Section and receive approval from the SW Section to participate at their self-rated level before participating in a match. Failure to report or omission of information regarding a player’s tennis history will subject the player, the captain and/or others who condoned inaccurate self-ratings to sanctions and disqualifications. (USTA rule)
  • A computer-derived rating is valid for three (3) years for individuals 60 years of age prior to or during the championship year and for five (5) years for all others, or until another computer rating is generated. (USTA rule)
  • "3-Match requirement prior to Nationals" – A player is eligible to advance to National Championships if that player has played on that same team in at least three (3) matches through sectional championships. (USTA rule)

Last updated on January 18, 2005