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Captains' Responsibilities
Dear captain of a USA League Tennis team (Adult, Mixed, Senior or Super Senior):

The following information needs to be read carefully. It outlines duties as a captain, contains information needed to start a team, and information with procedures regarding important league rules and policies. Please be aware that there will be no captains’ meetings again this year as everything will be done by the Internet, mail and/or phone.

The basic steps to enter and have a team compete in any of the “USA League Tennis” Leagues sponsored by the USTA is as follows:

  1. Properly fill out and mail in the registration form, which is stapled on the outside of the captain’s registration packet, as soon as possible;
  2. After mailing in the registration form, wait to receive the Internet Team Registration Number;
  3. Give the Internet Team Registration Number to all team members so they may register for the team on the Internet by the registration deadline;
  4. Wait for the season match schedule to arrive by mail;
  5. Any questions – call Tony Stephens at 298-8228.
INFORMATION ON THE USTA TennisLink - Using this system, USTA members are able to
  • register for local league play
  • enter and confirm or dispute league match scores
  • pay player fees ($18.00 $2.00 Internet use fee for each league season)
  • access team rosters, scores and standings
  • renew memberships or join the USTA
  • Make sure that all team players are registered on the Internet.
  • Make sure that all team players are aware of all District & and Sectional playoffs dates.
  • Pass on all important league information to the team members.
  • Work with other captains to reschedule any makeup matches that have to be played; if no agreement can be made, call the League Coordinator who will assign a date.
  • Provide lineup cards for all matches.
  • Be certain that anyone acting as captain, in the absence of the official captain, is well aware of the captain’s responsibilities at match time.
Thank you for your support in making our leagues so successful. If you have any questions that you would like to address to Tony Stephens, please call evenings 298-8228 (before 9:00 p.m.) or email at feb61987@aol.com.

Last updated on January 18, 2005