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RESULTS of SW Section Junior Closed

Northern New Mexico juniors did quite well at the SW Section Junior Closed. We are extremely proud of these players and congratulate them on their placements.

Top NNMTA Junior Results from 2003 SW Jr Closed

G10S Brenna O'Hara (Los Alamos) 2nd place

Dara McDevitt (Albuquerque) 4th place

G12S (Silver): Britney Hanchett (Albuquerque) 4th place

G14S (Gold): Daisha Hill-Hurtado (Albuquerque) 2nd place

G14S (Silver): Dorielle Paull (Albuquerque) 5th place

G14D: Daisha Hill-Hurtado (Albuquerque) 1st place

G16S (Silver): Hannah Johnson (Los Alamos) 1st place

Katrina Trapp (Albuquerque) 5th place

G18S: Mariana Spilca (Belen) 4th place

Nina Surviladze (Albuquerque) 5th place

B12S (Gold): Andy Cooper (Albuquerque) 4th place

B12S (Silver): David Grega (Belen) 5th place

B14S (Silver): Jacob Tafoya (Albuquerque) 4th place

B14S (Bronze): Keenen Vincent (Corrales) 4th place

Cooper Beacom (Taos) 5th place

B14D: Cody Hall (Albuquerque) 1st place

B16S (Bronze): Justin Lucero (Rio Rancho) 1st place

Luke Salazar (Albuquerque) 3rd place

B16S (Silver): Billy Wilton (Espanola) 2nd place

Alex Bruin (Albuquerque) 3rd place

Ryan Maestas (Albuquerque) 4th place

Eric Gilmore (Albuquerque) 5th place

B18S (Silver): Marc Knutila (Albuquerque) 3rd place

Tim Sichler (Albuquerque) 4th place