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Hopefully, most of you are aware that there has been the addition of a building at the Jerry Cline site in the planning for years.  Well, the reality is just over the horizon.  The building should be completed in 2004.  It will be a one-story building and will be located just west of the existing parking lot.  The $600,000 building will include offices for tennis staff, lobby and cash handling area, meeting room, restrooms and showers, area for vending machines, and a patio.  Parks and Recreation Project Manager, Deborah Hilyard, indicated that the overall approvals will move forward with the preparation of the construction drawings by architect, Lee Gamelsky.  After going out for bid, the construction should start late this fall with the building ready for use by the end of the summer.  This is really something to look forward to.  The community owes a debt of gratitude to the CTA and the Board of Directors for the past many years who have all had much to do with this becoming a reality.  This hard work goes back far beyond the current Board which goes to show you how many people have influenced this project.  We hope people continue to support the CTA which works hard to benefit the tennis-playing community in a variety of ways.