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Community Benefits
As a community-based USTA Member Organization (including Parks, NJTLs, Schools, and CTAs), your program may be eligible for USTA benefits that include access to discounted USTA insurance, discounted equipment, training scholarships, and program grants.  Join Northern New Mexico in growing tennis today!!
To become a USTA Member Organization, call 1-800-990-8782 or click here to go to the website and sign-up.
As a CTA or NJTL, register your program and renew each year to be eligible and to maintain your benefits. To register or renew your program, go to http://ct.usta.com/ctanjtl/ or click here.  
Discounted USTA Insurance: 
CTAs and NJTLs are eligible for discounted insurance.  Click here for information on the USTA Insurance Program.
Discounted Equipment:
Schools, CTAs, NJTLs, and Parks are all eligible for discounted equipment. Contact Colleen Ramnath at nnmtaprograms@gmail.com to receive the discounted equipment forms.  To be eligible, you must be a USTA member organization.  CTAs and NJTLs must be registered.  
Training and Community Tennis Development Workshop (CTDW) Scholarships: 
The NNMTA, SWS, SW Foundation, NM Youth Tennis Foundation, all maintain funds for community-based organization scholarships.  Inquire about CTDW and Tennis Teacher Workshop scholarships in the fall.  Tennis in the Parks/National Recreational and Parks Association (NRPA) offers Park Scholarships for the CTDW also.  Check out their information at http://www.nrpa.org/usta/ or click here.  Contact Colleen Ramnath at nnmtaprograms@gmail.com for scholarship opportunities at NNMTA.  Check out the left navigation bar for information on upcoming trainings.  
Program Grants: 
Check out the left navigation bar for grant opportunities through the National and Section offices.  For information on grant opportunities through the NM Youth Tennis Foundation, contact nmytf@comcast.net.  For information on grant opportunites through the NNMTA, contact nnmtaprograms@gmail.com
Facility Line Grants:
Ten and Under Tennis Facility Line Grants are still available for facilities that would like to paint the 60' Blended Lines.  Facilities must complete the Facility Assistance Grant.  Contact Ashley Redman at the Southwest Section at aredman@southwest.usta.com for assistance in the grant process.