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Tournament Schedule, Southwest Section

If you are one of those really gung ho tournament players who wants to look at the schedule for the entire year so you can make those ever-so-fun travel plans, and you are so enthusiastic about playing tournaments that you want to travel all over the Southwest section,  you are provided here with a link directly to the tournament area of the USTA site where you can not only check out the events, you can also enter the tournament online, see the seedings, and find the draws.  The work has been done for you.  You are only a click away and then you can print out whatever strikes your fancy.   Now, if you are even more enthusiastic than one would ever think possible, you can also find tournaments in other districts.  This is a really great site where you have access to more information than you can imagine.  Boy, isn't the world of computer technology an awesome thing! ! ! 

We were initially going to provide you with the listings for three months at a time.  However, we decided duplicating information was not necessary since we have given you a really great link.  So, let your fingers do the walking and go directly to the site given in the above link.  We think you will like the thoroughness of the site as much as we do.  Happy tournament hunting!