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Senior League for 2004

Tony Stephens, the NNMTA League Coordinator, has requested that we provide information for the teams for the upcoming year. Captains should still consult their packets for complete information.

Senior League:

· Albuquerque will be recognized as the hub for this league. Each Albuquerque team will be required to travel one (1) time to Santa Fe/Northern Counties. All other league matches involving Santa Fe or Northern County & Albuquerque teams will require travel to Albuquerque.

· Due to USTA Rule “3.01H(1),” complete round robins must be played, therefore eliminating “incomplete” round robin play.

The Round Robin format will be as follows….

2 teams = will play a minimum of 3 times. The teams may play more times if they both agree.

3 teams = can play as many times as they all agree.

4 teams = will play all teams 3 times (9 matches).

5 teams = will play all teams 3 times (12 matches).

6 teams = will play all teams 2 times (10 matches).

7 teams = will play all teams 2 times (12 matches) .

8 teams = will play all teams 2 times (14 matches).

9-20 teams = will play all teams 1 time.

· Levels with 4 or less teams with the best win-loss record will advance to Sectionals without playoffs.

· Levels with 5 or more teams will have a play-off to determine the team that will advance to Sectionals even if a team is undefeated after playing a seasonal round robin. (See “CHAMPIONSHIPS” on one of the back pages)

· If there is a tie to determine a team for any play-offs, the USTA tie breaker method will be used. For each level, the season win-loss record will determine the play-off seedings.

· Senior play-offs will be held during the month of February after the season ends with the teams having the best win-loss record as the higher seeds. If the two teams cannot agree on a date during the playoffs, then the League Coordinator will select the first available open date at the home facility for the match to be played.