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Intersectionals for 2003

If there are any of you avid tennis players who are truly interested in representing the Southwest section on a team, contact Jeff Carlson, the Southwest Adult/Senior Competition Tennis Coordinator, at 2720 E. Thomas Rd., Suite B170, Phoenix AZ 85016 or call him at 602-956-6855 ext. 112 and chat with him about it.

Here is a bit of information to get you started.

Men's:  October 29--November 2 at RiverHills Club, Jackson, MS; contact person is Mary Ellen Bennett (email: mabennett@riverhillclub.net) or www.Riverhillsclub.net

Women's:  Age divisions are 35, 45, 55, 65, & 75; November 16--November 23 at Naples Bath and Tennis Club, 1260 GoldFinch Way, Naples, FL; contact person is Larry Eichenbaum 239-643-1757 or email to leichenbaum@shawus.com