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Adult League Rules for 2004

Tony Stephens has requested that we include the league rules on the website, so here is the updated information.

ATTENTION: League changes for the 2004 season –

1) The 4.5 and 5.0 competitive levels will not have any playoffs for SW Sectionals. The winning team will be determined by the best Win/Loss record for the season. Ties will be broken by the USTA tiebreaker method.

2) In the Adult League, all levels will play a complete round robin with the possibility of playing one Alb/SF match on a weekday at 6:00 PM.

3) If there are TWO “Total team defaults” for any team, this team will be dropped from the leagueNO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

4) There will be a specific weekend at the end of the Mixed Doubles season for local playoffs instead of matches played during the week.

5) The player registration deadline for each league will be extended.


Adult League:

· Due to the increase in size of the Adult League, each Albuquerque and Santa Fe team, playing in the same group, may be scheduled to play a match in the other city at 6:00 PM on a weekday during May and June if there are not enough weekends for SF/Alb matches. Every effort will be made to have as many SF/Alb matches played on the weekends as possible.

· Scheduling will be done, taking into account not to schedule over Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and the Fourth of July, NTRP tournaments and, if necessary, only the 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5 divisions over Memorial weekend.

· Due to the USTA Rule “3.01H(1),” complete round robins must be played, therefore eliminating “incomplete” round robin play.

The Round Robin format will be as follows….

2 teams = will play a minimum of 3 times. The teams may play more times if they both agree.

3 teams = can play as many times as they all agree.

4 teams = will play all teams 3 times (9 matches).

5 teams = will play all teams 3 times (12 matches).

6 teams = will play all teams 2 times (10 matches).

7 teams = will play all teams 2 times (12 matches) .

8 teams = will play all teams 2 times (14 matches).

9-20 teams = will play all teams 1 time.

· Levels with 4 or less teams will play a round-robin format. The team with the best win-loss record will advance to Sectionals without playoffs.

· Levels with 5 or more teams will have a play-off to determine the team that will advance to Sectionals even if a team is undefeated after playing a seasonal round robin. (See “CHAMPIONSHIPS” on one of the back pages)

· If there is a tie to determine a team for any play-offs, the USTA tie breaker method will be used. For each level, the season win-loss record will determine the play-off seedings.

· All Adult League local play-offs will be held on the same weekend and if court availability and scheduling permits, they will be played within 1 week after the finish of the local season and NOT be scheduled over a holiday weekend.

· No matches will be scheduled on the weekends of NTRP tournaments except for 4:00 PM on the Sundays of those NTRP tournaments.